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Posted by drew10 on Dec 20, 2007
Gaming News 20th December 2007

Gaming News 20th December 2007

Not As Sensible As We Thought

Well we have waited and waited and for a while yesterday it seemed the wait was over. Sensible World Of Soccer appeared briefly on Xbox Live Arcade yesterday morning only to be withdrawn shortly afterwards when it became apparent that there was a serious problem with it. As soon as you start the game it signs you out of Xbox Live and you cannot sign back in until you quit the game. For a game that has had problems with its online side which has caused the delays we find it unbelievable that such a fundamental problem was not picked up on by the testers. Microsoft and Codemasters have said the game will be backup as quickly as possible, and there would be no charge for those of you who already downloaded the version that doesn’t work. Although those people (like Moonhead) can still play the one player game, in the mean time, for the rest of us (like me) the wait continues!

Back In The Streets

In slightly less interesting footy game news, EA Sports have announced Fifa Street 3. In what can only be described as the Need For Speed of football games, why we are getting yet another sequel to this dismal series is anyones guess. The game this time features Ronaldhino and a hilarious looking Peter Crouch amongst others. You can expect to see a slimmed down version of the beautiful game where doing tricks is as important as scoring goals! The press release boasts that the game will see highly stylised players in amazing backgrounds that pulsate to music, sorry I think I just sicked up in my mouth! Anyway it is due out on PS3, 360 and DS on February 15th in Europe I bet this one isn’t delayed! Shame.

I Love The Smell Of Napalm…

Hudson Soft has confirmed another set of content for Bomberman Live. The Bomb Up pack 3 will again feature another ten new chcharacters, including “Shinobi Bomber” the ninja and “Bomb2-D2” a robot. It will also feature 2 new game worlds the sweet filled “Cavity Land” and the industrial “Robot Factory.” There is also a new game mode, “Friendly Fire,” (Should be good for the American players!) where players all start with the power bomb and there are no blocks to stop the explosions. New leaderboards are also present. Bomb Up Pack 3 is expected to be available on Boxing Day and will cost a mere 250 Microsoft Points! There is no images of Bomb Up Pack 3 yet so you will have to make do with a generic Bomberman pic.

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