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Gaming News 15th January 2008

Gaming News 15th January 2008

Get Your Hands Off Our Lara!

In very welcome news, Edios owners SCi have beaten off all perspective suitors who have been circling around the last major British based games publisher. Rumours had been that Warner Bros. Interactive, who had already owned a stake in the company, were pushing for a take over. This had prompted other companies to also sniff around in-case SCi had decided to sell. The company now have thankfully now decided to go alone and should be set for another big Christmas this year with news that Tomb Raider: Underworld is now done for a quarter 4 release.

Closer To The Condemned

Sega have set the hype-drive into top gear as they countdown to the release of Condemned 2: Bloodshot. With the game currently scheduled for a release on March 14th this latest appetiser, (Not sure that is the best phrase.) Comes in the form of a shiny new trailer and shows just how far the 360 has comes since its launch. The visuals look truly as lovely as they do terrifying and some of the enemies look even more demented than they did before. These include, rather dubiously what appear to be exploding babies! Thankfully the use of FBI tools seems to have been kept in something both Moonhead and myself thought was far too underused in the first game. And a neat touch as far as I am concerned is that our hero seems to have been adversely effected by his experiences, he now looks like a man who is far too used to seeing babies explode! You can see the trailer for yourselves here:

Lets All Get Down The Arcadeboogie-bunnies.jpg

Xbox Live Arcade has had some good news in terms of future releases coming on the back of CES (Consumer Electronics Show.) Already due for release this week is Boogie Bunnies, a cute little puzzler where players have to heard coloured bunnies together in a familiar fashion. The 3D style is new and refreshing and certainly gives the game a unique perspective. Kinda like Pikmin meets Bust-a-Move!

Other releases that have been confirmed in the near future include, the puzzle-come-card rez-hd.jpggame Poker Smash; Nintendo-alike Brain Challenge; arcade classic Lode Runner is pencilled in for a rather vague later in the year. However, my personal favourite from the line up is Q Entertainments Rez HD. This Live exclusive update of the classic music based shooter is down as “soon to be released” so let’s hope that is not the same “soon to be released” as Sensible Soccer was.

Boogie Bunnies is available for 800 MS Points from this Wednesday, we will keep you posted on the rest.

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