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Posted by drew10 on Jan 8, 2008
Gaming News 8th January 2008

Gaming News 8th January 2008

Ouch The New Year Hurts!

Yes it may be the 8th of January but we at G4A have been locked up in the drunk tank since New Years Eve. Today we were finally released back into the public domain. We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year and are busy playing all the games that the fat bloke dropped down your chimney! Coming up in features this and next week we look back on the best of last year with our Game Of The Year Awards, and we look forward to the enormous releases we have to look forward to in 2008. So with bloodshot eyes it is on to the new year.

Join The Club 

As one of the first big releases of 2008 for the 360/PS3/PC draws close we can today get our hands on the 360 version via a demo on marketplace. Sega and Bizarre Creations new shooter will certainly get the pulses racing as it is non-stop action where you cannot slow down or stop you just have to keep moving and killing. The Club is a bloodsport run by millionaires where only the best and fastest survive. You play one of eight characters who are at the club for a variety of reasons. The Demo features one character (Unique to the demo), a prison setting, various game modes and even multiplayer online. So it should get you mouth watering. Download it today!

More Live Treats! 

Just in case you didn’t get enough games in the pre-Christmas rush Wednesday sees two new releases on Xbox Live. Disney’s arcade classic Tron and a brand new shooter Omega Five.
Tron features classic gameplay as players get to recreate scenes from the movie, including the superb light cycle race and the tanks. As with a great many Live Arcade titles, Tron  is available in both the arcade original and also a new enhanced version.
Omega Five is a high-def, side scrolling, shoot-em-up with some of the best visuals yet seen in an Arcade title. In the style of classics like R-Type the fast moving environments throw countless enemies at you as you battle to survive. With unlockable characters and even a local co-op mode this is looking like a real gem amongst the Live Arcade catalogue.
You can get Tron for 400 MS points and Omega Five for 800.
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