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Posted by drew10 on Feb 25, 2008
GDC Update!!!

GDC Update!!!

So news may have been thin on the ground recently but now the Game Developers Conference has finished there has been some interesting if not entirely suprising announcements. We will break down the biggest ones into consoles:

XBOX 360:

Gears Of War 2: Microsoft have some reasons to be cheerful after GDC with some BIG annoucements that culminated in the news that Gears of War 2 will be with us by the end of the year. Whilst everyone else had it slated for a 2009 release G4A said all along we expected it this year!! As we said in our games to watch in 2008 feature. The game will feature a much more involved game world and a much deeper experience. Cliff Bleszinski, lead designer for Epic Games said.“To our team the original game was just a tease, the appetizer to the ‘Gears of War’ characters and new style of gameplay. We were so amped to get to the next chapter, and dig deeper into the universe of this franchise,” It is good to know that we all paid £50 for a trailer! Anyway he went on, “‘Gears of War 2’ is an even bigger, better, and more badass experience than the first game, and we can’t wait to get it in the hands of eager gamers this November.” Ok so we are a little excited about this new, just a little.

Fable 2: Other 360 news centred around another of the AAA titles for this year Fable 2. Peter Molyneux told the eager masses that the pub games inside the main adventure will be released as a stand alone download before the main game via XBox Live Arcade, enabling players to build up cash to use when the main game is released. Whether this will involve parting players from some real cash before the main game is released remains to be seen!! More interestingly though was the annoucement of dynamic cooperative play, a first to the franchise, the exact details of which will be here soon.

Ninja Gaiden 2: Tomonobu Itagaki also revealed new Ninja Gaiden 2 game-sharing features, including Ninja Cinema, which is enabled solely through Xbox LIVE, providing exciting and innovative entertainment experiences for the more than 10 million Xbox LIVE members worldwide by allowing players to record and upload their best ninja moves to Xbox LIVE. If that is as popular as the Gotham TV channel of PGR3 then expect nobody to use it! They also announced a June launch date for this gory looking blockbuster so not to long to wait now either.


Wii Fit: Nintendo’s ability to create an entirely new gaming experince should never be underestimated as they showed off Wii Fit at GDC. Shipping with the weight and motion board sensor, (Wii Balance Board) the package looks like an essential add on for the Wii. Not only does the Balance Board open up a world of game opportunities for third party developers (There apparently 10 titles already well under way that use the new controller.) but also you can log onto the Wii fitness channel daily to check how you are getting on. With an April launch also announced for Europe we will actually be getting this a whole month before the States. (I’m still in shock at this announcement perhpas Nintendo does not hate Europe after all)

Super Smash Brothers Brawl: Whilst everyone (me) goes on about Ninty’s new ground breaking ideas they do also love a good franchise. Smash Brothers is one that gets wringed out with every generation. Coming very soon to a game shop near you With dozens of characters, settings, options and ways to play, it has something for everyone. The game includes characters from all across the Nintendo universe and full online play this time out. Smash Brother Melee was the biggest selling Gamecube title and whilst that is not saying much it does at least point to this game being a biggy! The only problem being that Nintendo still have no confirmed release date for Europe with June or even July being mooted as the earliest we will get to see it, meaning the States and Japan  would have had it months before us. (So I was wrong Nintendo still hate us then.)

Mario Kart Wii: No new Earth shattering news for this title but they did announce that this will be launching on April 11. The game itself is promising to be a return to form with 12 players online and a whole bevy of characters and tracks. The game also comes bundled with the Wii Wheel for your Wii Remote to sit inside. The game also allows for more traditional style controls for those not happy with the Remotes tilt and motion sensing via the Nunchuck and adding support for the Gamecube Controller.

Wii Ware: In perhaps the most interesting news to come from Nintendo is WiiWare. WiiWare is a set of developers tools that will enable both big software houses and independents to create games much easier for the console. It will also enable gamers to buy these games via WiiConsole. Developers like Square Enix, are creating FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: My Life as a King, a simulation game for all ages. Also watch for games from up-and-coming developers like Frontier with its fresh, enchanting platform adventure LostWinds and a new episodic game series from Telltale.


Whilst the others took great joy in celebrating their big news Sony has been conspicuasly quiet. So unfortunatley there are no big Exclusive news for PS3. Instead we will bring you some news on games that will be appearing on the machine as well as others! However if Sony do decide to let us in on any news you will know, as always, as soon as we do.
Red Faction: Guerilla Set 50 years after the PS2 original Red Faction: Guerilla looks set to take THQ’s best original franchise to a whole new level. With the power of the next gen consoles behind it expect some extremely destructable enviroments and huge FPS weapons as once again you take on the Earth Defence Force to rid them from Mars once and for all. “Utilizing improvised weapons, explosives and re-purposed mining equipment and vehicles, Red Faction: Guerrilla allows players to tear through fully destructible environments in an unforgiving Martian landscape swarming with EDF forces, Red Faction resistance fighters, and the downtrodden settlers caught in the cross-fire. Red Faction: Guerrilla will also feature a robust multiplayer component, including several modes focused on destruction-based gameplay.” The only downside is that its not due till 2009.

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  1. kbarn389 says:

    yup its finaly over
    but im only lookin forward to won game tho, and thats smash bros brawl
    there are alot of games out there that i want though, lol
    im sure we all WANT alot of games.
    i wonder how the screens for gears of war2 are going to look?
    but yeah man, i really believe that smash bros brawl is going to be the biggest game of the 2008 season. i mean, there are going to be other realeases like metal gear solid 4, gta4, and sum othas but i think that this takes the cake;)
    get back at me:
    the SMASH SITE

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