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Posted by drew10 on Sep 28, 2009
Feature: Does multiplayer dilute the gaming experience?

Feature: Does multiplayer dilute the gaming experience?

With news that the imminent and much anticipated release of Bioshock 2 will feature an online multi-player mode G4A asks do all games future need this feature?

Bioshock is one of this generations most accomplished and highly decorated titles.

Oi Bioshock 2 Multiplayer, NO!

Oi Bioshock 2 Multiplayer, NO!

Featuring an entirely new look and feel to anything that had come before it. It is still possibly the most important title to have been released in sometime. The art-deco stylings and sumptuous gameplay still bring a smile to my face even now. So you can imagine my delight when I heard of the inevitable release of Bioshock 2.

My excitement was tempered when I heard that original game creator Ken Levine would not be working on the title, although he has apparently kept an eye on it. Still the results remain to be seen.

Then came the pre-release video! We all wanted to see what was going to happen in the game, a little taster to whet the appetite for the wonders that lay ahead. To my horror to video showed a multi-player online game with many people thrashing about in Rapture (The games setting) shooting each other and using EVE (Magic).

bioshock 2

Big Daddy is Back!

For me it felt wrong, my experience playing Bioshock was so deep and so immersive that to me, seeing this bastardisation of the purity of the game left me feeling a little sick. Okay so that may be a little over the top you could say, but it is like someone going back to your favourite movie and adding in loads of slapstick moments with stupid sound effects, (This obviously doesn’t happen unless you are George Lucas, IT STILL HURTS LUCAS!)

It got me thinking, do we need these multi-player elements in games such as Bioshock. Is the stand alone game not enough on its own? The one thing we can be thankful for is that the multi-player elements have been outsourced to Digital Extremes who were responsible for the PS3 conversion of the original game. So at least the main development team have been concentrating on the main game.

I may be wrong, when Bioshock 2 is released the single player campaign may be everything we all hope it will be but my point remains.

Take Call Of Duty: World At War, here is a game that deals with the lives and deaths on millions of young

Nazi Zombie's? Not wanted or needed!

Nazi Zombie's? Who the hell's idea was that?

men the world over. Men that fought for their countries and for politics that they did not understand. For the most part the COD franchise has dealt with this subject matter in a sensitive and compassionate manner COD3 and all of the Infinity Ward titles especially but with COD: WAW the developers decide to add in a Nazi Zombie shooting game. It was unneeded and crass in the extreme.

I digress with that last paragraph but I feel that while these parts are added to games that are exceptional (Not COD: WAW that was average) it cheapens the whole experience. I find myself wondering if Ken Levine would have added online multi-player and what he thinks of this addition?

Am I talking out of my arse? What do you think?

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2 Responses to “Feature: Does multiplayer dilute the gaming experience?”

  1. Matthias says:

    I believe a co-op multiplayer where you can play the campaign with a friend or two would be quite alright for Bioshock 2 (and hope there is one)
    But if the mp mode turns out to be just a brainless deathmatch it would definitely be a downer.
    And concerning COD:WAW, I never played Call of Duty because I do not enjoy war games in a realistic setting but still I have to comment that the addition of nazi zombies is disgusting and completely at the wrong place.

  2. drew10 says:

    Matthais – Agreed, I think that MP co-op games are great if you can play the campaign mode with a friend or team then that can actually add to the experience. However, I was talking about death-match in this particular case and it feels cheap to me, still we shall see when the game is released.

    As for Nazi Zombie’s well I think I said everything I needed to on that.

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