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Posted by moonhead on Oct 6, 2009
FIFA 2010 / Xbox 360 / EA

FIFA 2010 / Xbox 360 / EA

Shrek and Co.
Shrek and Co.

Can FIFA Keep Up Its Game.

Whatever you do keep this to yourself but last years Fifa was actually better than PES 2009. Before any of the fan boys start I have been a PES follower since the series start on the PS1 and before that ISS (International Superstar Soccer) so writing the first line of this review actually upset me because of this. So here we are in 2010 and have EA Sports kept up its good run of form and improved on last years effort. Having played the demo for both titles I was initially concerned for Fifa that it had gone backwards but thankfully I was wrong.

The major change for this years Fifa is one of the biggest and turns out be the most important change to have been made to a football title in many a year. It is the new 360 degree dribbling, it may sound like nothing but this change is everything. In previous football games you could only move in eight directions but in this year you can move fluidly in any direction you wish and it makes a huge difference. All the animation routines have been changed to incorporate it and it is the nuances in these that make this work so well. To be able to throw a feint and just jink round a player with barely a change of direction or to flick a pass on and dance round the oncoming player and on to the ball are all a joy now and easier than ever. Its not all about player movement the system also helps when it comes to flick-ons, passes and goal mouth scrambles everything now seems more natural and organic. It is a wonder why somebody did not attempt this years ago because it has improved gameplay so fundamentally.

 The other major change is the ability to create your own set piece routines. This seems to make little difference but is a good addition for the more tactically minded player. Other than these two gameplay additions it is more a case of upgrades from last years various modes. Virtual Pro 2.0 is an expanded version of last years “Be A Pro Mode” where you get to make your own fledgling player and play through his career. You can now even use your created player in all the play modes and build up his stats whilst doing so. It’s a good solid play mode and this years expansion of the idea does not hurt it one bit.

A similar upgrade has taken place with the managerial mode where you control a football club managing the finances and transfer signings as well as playing the games and again this works superbly well.

Online play is also solid with full 10 on 10 games again and various other modes including leagues and cups. There seems to be little in the way of lag and all runs along very nicely.

Gameplay has also been tweaked and improved. Areas like the shooting have been tinkered with and it is now possible to score with 30 yard screamers. The A button tackle has been toned down so it is not the all conquering thing it was last time out. Contact between players has been improved no end to with big lumps striding through mistimed challenges whilst smaller less physical players come a cropper from them. The frame rate for me could do with being cranked up a bit and although you can change this in the options even on its fastest setting it still feels a little pedestrian at times. This though is a small niggle compared to the Fifa’s of old.

Graphically the game is very good but once again player likenesses are a big let down in particular cover boy Wayne Rooney which looks nothing like him, (Possibly a good thing.) The animation is fantastic and is the best ever for the Fifa series. As usual with EA the Presentation is tip-top through out and it all adds up to one hell of a package.

In all this has taken all that was good about last years game built on it and improved it in every way. Konami I hope you are listening because you are really going to have to up your game (Our first trials of the PES 2010 demo are positive though) Drew will bring you the review of this game shortly and then we will swap and write reviews of the other.

 Rating 8.5 / 10

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  1. mikeypiky says:

    I’m addicted to fifa at the moment! Great post..

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