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Posted by drew10 on Nov 18, 2009
Sticking the Re-boot In – Games we want back

Sticking the Re-boot In – Games we want back

Dear Gaming Gods please can we have………

Over the years (Too many now, unfortunately.) since we have been gaming we have seen many great games come and go. Whether it was a game that never got a sequel, or in some cases, a sequel that never lived up to the original or a franchise that deserves to be raised from the ashes of gaming history with a full re-boot.

It seems that the movie industry is keen to breathe new life into long dead franchises so why not games? Here is our run-down of the G4A wish list.


Yes we know! Every games journalist worth their salt, or at least those old enough to remember this classic, have been hankering for a return of the space based trading classic. Originally created for the BBC Micro by programming team David Braben and Ian Bell Elite took the gaming world by storm.

With it’s open-ended gameplay and a massive 8 galaxies featuring 256 planets, Elite to this day remains a shinning example of what can be achieved with innovative programming.

Elite’s influence has rippled through the gaming galaxy ever since with a multitude of games borrowing the concept and trying to create that ‘Elite-type’ experience. Non have really managed to recreate the original though.

Elite has had two official sequels, Frontier and Frontier: First Encounters, both of which were full of bugs and never captured the feeling of the original or the imagination of the audience.

The good news is that Braben’s development studio ‘Frontier Developments’ have had an official sequel ‘Elite 4’ in the pipeline since 1998. The latest news is that the studio will begin full-scale work once their title ‘The Outsider’ is released. I am going to try to get some more information from the studio if I can – watch this space!

Destruction Derby

One of the PS1’s launch titles (Also launched on Sega Saturn and PC) Psygnosis’ Destruction Derby was a joyful jaunt of a driving game whereby you got to smash the crap out of your opponents cars.

Developed by Reflections, who later went on to write the driver series, this smash and crash title was one of the first to show what this new generation of arcade quality home gaming consoles were really capable of.

Its 3D graphics and unique gameplay model made Destruction Derby an instant classic. Despite a wave of sequels none of the following titles lived up to the originals, simple gameplay mechanics and course design. Recently there have been a few attempts at a similar theme, most notably Begbear Entertainments Flatout series.

The original Destruction Derby is available for download for PS3 and PSP.

The Last Ninja

One of, if not the biggest titles on the C64 was System 3’s The Last Ninja. An isometric fighting puzzler that redefined what people would come to expect from fighting games.

Blending gameplay styles of puzzles, platform and fighting games, The Last Ninja was a massive hit winning tons of awards and critical acclaim. The game itself spawned 3 sequels, Last Ninja’s 2 &  3 as well as The last Ninja: Remix.

The Last Ninja 2 came in a box with a mask, scroll and a rubber shuriken, that was hard enough to stick in my bedroom door. Nice!

In the  late 90’s rumours and screen shots of a fully fledged update of The Last Ninja series began to arise, and in 2003 we saw screen shots of the first level of The Last Ninja: The Return. Scheduled for a 2004 release the game even previewed at E3 yet was cancelled due to being “Simply not good enough” according to System 3 CEO Mark Cale. Heaven forbid they should just try to make it good eh?


The original MechAssault introduced me to the wonders of online play. A team based tear up in giant robots that systematically destroy entire cityscapes as the game unfolds.

Produced by Day 1 Studios and released by Microsoft on the original Xbox. MechAssualt’s single player game was, at best not much better than average but online the game blossomed into, in many peoples opinion, one of the best to date. The game really was one of the reasons that Xbox Live truly took off featuring some of the best pyrotechnics of any game up to that point.

A sequel MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf came a couple of years later and added the ability to leave your Mech and run around on foot. As with many such sequels the developers tried to shoehorn in too many new ideas without truly understanding their audience.

What we all wanted was an updated and polished version of the first game, with better graphics and new Mechs. It is what we still want! Forget leaving the mech when it is exploding, all we want are massive multi-player arenas with destructible buildings and giant Mechs that pack enough firepower to down the deathstar!

Imagine MechAssault rebooted for the Xbox 360? A stripped down game that looks great and allows us to kick shiny metal ass all day long!


It is as predictable as the sun coming up, but love it or hate it Shenmue was always going to be in this list.

Developed by Sega-AM2 and produced and directed by the legendary Yu Suzuki Shenmue was the first killer app for Sega’s ill-fated Dreamcast.

You follow the life of a young Ryo Hazuki who is out on a mission of vengeance for Lan Di the man who killed his father. The game centres around you having to talk to people, learn Martial Arts, fight and also get jobs to obtain money.

Shenmue’s open world was unlike anything seen before and was a truly immersive experience. Despite the game obtaining a massive cult following and a sequel that appeared towards the end of the Dreamcasts  life (Later it made the jump to the Xbox.) The decision was made to end the series on a rather annoying cliffhanger after the second game.

We all want to know how the story finished and we would dearly love to see Shenmue 3 on one of the Next Gen consoles. If it was packaged with the first two games so new-comers could pick up the story I still believe it would see by the bucket-load, come on Sega, “Do you know anywhere where I might find some sailors?”

Cannon Fodder

Sensible software were once the best developers working in the industry, according to us anyway. we thought long and hard about which games of theirs we would like to see back and whilst a full update of Sensible World Of Soccer would be cool we plumped for Cannon Fodder.

Originally released on the Amiga and later ported to the Megadrive, Cannon Fodder was an isometric war sim where you lead a small group of soldiers on various missions. Featuring what is still to this day probably the best theme song on any game the tagline “War has never been so much fun.” ruffled a few feathers and the developers were forced to redesign the packaging to remove a poppy from the cover. Even though they offered to donate some of the takings to the poppy appeal.

A full update of Cannon Fodder would really work we feel as long as the humour was left in tact and for that John Hare would have to oversee development.

Another World

Yet another Amiga classic makes an appearance on our list. This time Another World, a side scrolling 2D platformer that really transported the player to…. well yes, Another World.

Written by Eric Chahi and published by Delphine Software it featured state of the art graphics and new gameplay elements that have now become standard, Another World really stood out from the crowd. It used cut-scenes and cinematic effects that were inspired by the Dragons Lair game but done with much surer footing of a great original work.

Eric Chahi did write a sequel called Heart of The Alien but it only ever saw the light of day on the Mega CD so pretty much nobody played it.

Delphine did allow many people to think that Flashback was Another World 2 and it sort of was, as it stole many of the original ideas of its predecessor. Eric Chahi did write a direct sequel called Heart of The Alien but it only ever saw the light of day on the Mega CD so pretty much nobody played it.

An updated 3D version of this game would be ace!


Created by Oddworld Inhabitants the Oddworld series was an ambitious idea to create games around a series of characters inside a complete universe.

The series started off as a 2D platformer called Abe’s Odyssee and was followed up by Abe’s Exodus. Both games followed the exploits of Abe, a lovable character, as he tried to stop his fellow Mudokon slaves from being turned into food. The games featured an innovative idea in Gamespeak where you could select certain phrases to use to interact with other characters in the game. Both games were pure bliss.

When the series went 3D it left Abe behind and introduce Munch in Munch’s Odyssee. This is where the series started to falter. Having set the standard and creating such a brilliant character as ,Munch was just a poor substitute and sales of Munch’s Odyssee suffered as a direct result.

The final game in the series was Strangers Wrath and what a fine game it was again. a 3D shooter that had some of the coolest weapons ever seen. The game earned critical acclaim but failed to capture the public’s imagination.

Poor sales figures convinced Oddworld Inhabitants that there creations future lay elsewhere and they now look to turn the universe into films or comics or something.

But to be honest the series suffered badly when they left Abe behind and a reboot featuring this brilliant character with all the humour that the series was famous for could well revive the world even if it is odd!


Just before the end of the Xbox Criterion released Black. An awesome shooter that went some way to proving the giant black box was being put out to pasture before its time.

Black was FPS and a masterpiece in how to blow shit up. The game has some of the most frequent and largest explosions ever seen. It is loud, fast and crazy.

Black was criticised for its lack of depth but for the time it ran it was a joy to behold and when you consider the platform it was on then you understand the skill in Criterions development.

A sequel has been muted but with the developers milking the cash cow that is Burnout for all it is worth we are yet to see a return for this most underrated of shooters.

There are many others – I am sure Moonhead and Eddie will have their own opinions and they will be on

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