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Posted by eddierichards on Nov 17, 2009
Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion – PS3

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion – PS3

Is that just Tekken the piss?

..I will always be a Tekken nut. The game was never about winning for me. Just learning moves and combos… and competing against the next guy.. Showing off at tournaments..  Sweet.

I love the buzz of a great fight, regardless of winning or losing.

And so, here comes Tekken 6: A game that tests my fighting mantra greatly. I’ll get to that issue shortly.

It’s been a long wait for the sixth (technically eighth) instalment. Was it worth the wait? I’d say it was, definitely. But then, I’m a hardcore Tekken fan.

Tekken isn’t for everybody, but this latest edition is noticeably far more accessible to newcomers. There’s now a huge roster of 40 characters to choose from (why the animals keep returning, I’ll never know), and more modes and options to get stuck into.

The first new addition that comes to mind is Scenario Campaign mode, a kind of 3D-Streets of Rage (You don’t know Streets of Rage? Shame on you). At first, you’ll be cursing at the camera and controls here, but something about it is very addictive, and you soon forgive these minor issues. Especially as, over time, you realise you need to play this mode to earn many of the achievements in the game.

Speaking of achievements, characters are seriously customisable now. You can adorn your favourite fighters in all sorts of attire arrangements, with a crazy amount of hats, shoes, Asics tracksuits, etc. to choose from. I have to admit having great fun dressing Law up as my hero, Bruce Lee, but I won’t talk about that here.

The avatars themselves look real nice. The attention to detail with muscle definition and facial expression can’t be ignored and the characters pretty much fill up the entire screen, set in some gorgeous-looking Arenas.

The arenas themselves are great to look at, and are now (mostly) more interactive than those seen in Tekken 4, with fighters crashing through walls or floors into different areas in much the same way as in Dead or Alive. Not much more than a gimmick, but a nice gimmick all the same.

Anyway – enough praise.

The thing about recent instalments of ‘The King of Iron Fist Tournament’ that REALLY annoys me… Are those ‘wonderful’ Boss characters. The kind of character who is three times bigger than yourself, and has a move list that will render you immobile, and unable to fight back.

Jinpachi Mishima was ‘The Daddy’ in the last tournament. He was bad enough, freezing you with almost every move, and seemingly intangible, as your punches and kicks seem to just pass through his belly.

Enter ‘Azazel’ – a whole new ball game. Bring back Jinpachi.

You WILL shout at the TV. Also, Playstation 3 controllers are pricey, so I suggest you go easy on them. *Tip* they might be shaped like a boomerang but they sure as hell don’t come back!

To go back to my ‘Tekken Mantra’, I don’t fight to win, just for the fun of it. I don’t care if I lose, generally. Here’s a boss who cannot be beat unless you ‘play cheap’ – I won’t go into detail, but you’ll need to find a couple of moves, and/or combos, and keep using them, no matter what. My issue is that, even after 13-odd fights with Azazel, with his constant tail swipes, and sudden teleportations, I’d rather lose looking good, than win like that.

But methinks I take this too seriously! Whatever – you’ll see…

You’ll be thankful for ‘Ghost Mode’, which returns from Tekken 5, allowing you to fight renditions of real players around the globe – it’s basically the same as Arcade Mode, but without Azazel. Nice.

To fans of the storyline? Don’t hold your breath. Endings leave you feeling cheated now. Scenario Campaign mode is where all that stuff is, and then some.

There is also a slight issue with loading times; it is vital that you install the game before playing, to improve loading speeds, which, even after installation, are.. not as great as previous games in the series. Considering the huge amount of content in Tekken 6 itself, the loading is easily overlooked, with time.

Anyway, ignoring the last boss (and one bonus character), I love Tekken, as always. Once the online mode is smoothed out and updated (new Scenario co-op modes in the pipeline, etc.), it’ll be even better. This is definitely the best of the bunch, but again, I can’t help thinking that it would be so much better if they got rid of that damned bear, kangaroo, panda, and that fucking boss..


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  1. moonhead says:

    Welcome on board Eddie we have needed some fresh input for a while. Great review

  2. Eddie Richards says:

    Check out the WWE review. My reviews need a little work, but I’m on it!

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