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Posted by drew10 on Nov 13, 2009
Will Santa's sack have anything worth tasting this year?

Will Santa's sack have anything worth tasting this year?

So once again the Christmas crazy season has begun – yet this year we seem tosexy-santa-claus be left a little light in terms of real killer apps. So I ask what are this Christmas’ essential purchases?

After a good few months of slipping release dates to some of the most eagerly awaited titles, I am going to look at which games actually did make it out that could end up in your stocking:

uncharted_2Uncharted 2 – PS3:

Yes okay it has been out a while now but this is undoubtedly one of if not the finest games of the year so far. With stunning graphics throughout and some truly innovative gameplay, the follow up to Drakes fortune is a pure tour-de-force from start to finish.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, have you been living under a rock? Seriously, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, to give it its full title, is a Tomb Raider-esqe action adventure that takes the genre and injects it with so many steroids that it would make Lara’s tits droop to her knees.

The second game in the series even adds (whisper it) on-line multi-player which in itself manages to bring some new gameplay elements  to the table.

If you don’t have it yet, stick it on your list!

FIFA 10/PES 2010 – Multi:pes2010_e3_2-500x281

Okay so not just one game here but let’s be honest generally you are either a fan of one or the other and this year the gap between the two is smaller than ever.

In 2009 Fifa managed to edge ahead and Moonheads review of this year’s FIFA would certainly suggest that EA are finally getting things right. Myself however, prefer the overall gameplay in the PES series (Review to follow shortly) and despite a brief flirtation with Fifa 09, will be returning to the comfortable bosom of Konami’s masterpiece this year. Both though are great games and worthy of the ink on your letter to Santa!

borderlandsBorderlands – 360/PS3/PC

Almost slipping out without a huge fanfare, Borderlands is without doubt one of the games of the year. Camped very heavily alongside the huge hit Fallout 3, Borderlands is a first-person shooter/RPG much in the same vein.

What Borderlands brings to the table is car based combat, stunning visuals and gameplay mechanics that have been designed from the ground-up to reward co-op play, even including a split-screen mode.

Borderlands is a must for anyone looking to get their teeth into something more substantial this Chrimbo!

Forza Motorsport 3 – 360forza

The now bi-annual update to Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s invisible Gran Tourismo has pushed the boundries once again. Fans of the series or indeed racing games in general will find the usual mix of great visuals, fast paced action and a wealth of cars, tracks and enough options to keep even the most ardent grease-monkey happy till Easter.

Forza 2 was a let down in my eyes but the third game in the series has stepped on the gas and takes driving games to a new level. What Forza 3 does is offer massive tinkering for the enthusiast whilst allowing even the most car-naive ones amongst us easy options to upgrade our engines and wheels without the need for an engineering degree. Maybe the reason for GT’s constant delays is that Turn 10 keep upping the bar with Forza.


Modern Warfare 2 – PS3/360/PC

When Infinity Ward made the first Modern Warfare it redefined the Call Of Duty series so much that it seems Modern Warfare is now a franchise in its own right.

Everyone who played the first Modern Warfare and loved it will be excited about this upcoming sequel and from the looks of it, Infinity Ward have once again managed to put every other game of this type in the shade, proving without doubt that they are one of the greatest development houses working today.

With a fantastic single player story mode that picks up years after the first game and featuring some of the most intense action sequences yet seen. Matched with some truly brilliant set-pieces and a new co-op mode, Modern Warfare 2 looks set to blow the competition away with both barrels, and not a bloody Zombie in sight!

Dragon Age Origins – PC/PS3/360Dragon-Age-Origins-12

Bioware get back to their origins (get it?) in this huge RPG. This isn’t a game that will appeal to the masses of casual gamers out there and much more to the huge hardcore RPG crowd. Seen as the spiritual successor to Bioware’s superlative Baldurs Gate series this is a hardcore RPG gamers heaven.

This time though the game is pushing adult boundaries with both race and sex expected to be at the top of the story. With reportedly in excess of 100 hours of gameplay expect this to be keeping RPG gamers very happy this Xmas.

Assassins Creed 2 – PS3/Xbox 360

Set in Renaissance Italy this game according to Ubisoft rights all the wrongs from the first game by adding much-needed variety and depth to tAC2_S_005he gameplay. Not much is being given away about Desmond the imprisoned modern-day ancestor of  assassin Altair but we do know that he is seeing through the eyes of different assassin this time round called Ezio. New weapons and a monetary system have been added as well as famous historical figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci playing a part.

If Ubisoft have added much needed variety gameplay to the eye popping visuals this could be making people very happy if this is found in their stocking come Christmas morning.

Tekken 6 – PS3/Xbox 360tekken-6

Namco’s long running beat-em up returns with the usual huge roster of combatants and stunning visuals. The easy to pick up and difficult to master game play of the Tekken series has always been its winning asset, it is less tactical and easier to learn than the Street Fighter series but still offers a good level of depth.

For the first time ever in the series it has gone multi format and online. Expect this crazy beat-em up to have a host of new fans alongside the old ones come the new year.

_c3m3_shantytown0239_tga_jpgcopyLeft For Dead 2 – PC/Xbox 360

The undead return in this follow up to last years storming co-op fuelled masterpiece of a FPS. Complaints had been levelled at Valve that it is to soon for a follow-up but Valve have promised that this is no mere cash in. Two new types of super Zombie, larger more open areas and melee weapons such as Frying Pans lead us to believe this will indeed be more than worth your Christmas dosh.

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