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Posted by moonhead on Dec 17, 2009
5 Essential Games For The Nintendo Wii

5 Essential Games For The Nintendo Wii

Christmas is nearly upon us so we here at the G4A fun house thought that before we get too drunk we would try to help you all out with  lists of 5  games on each format that we consider to be essential purchases.

Next up in this feature we are going to tackle the all-conquering Japanese curio that is the Nintendo Wii. If you receive one of these white boxes of motion controlled fun Christmas morning the following 5 games need to be brought forthwith Sonny Jim. So start saving,  begging, mugging (please don’t kids I am only joking you know)and crying RIGHT!!!

1. Super Mario Galaxy

G4A’s game of the year 2007 was always going to be on this list. If there was a how too checklist given to students studying game design it would be formatted by this very game. Nintendo’s resident game design messiah Shigeru Miyamoto oversaw this game from on high and it saw the fat little Italian plumber regain his crown as king of video games. With sublime graphics, incredible music and gameplay that is just a joy to behold this is Nintendo at their very best. As usual Princess peach has been taken captive by resident Mr nasty Bowser but this time it is on a Galactic scale and its down to the mustachioed Mario to get her back and save the universe. 2010 see’s the release of a follow-up and I for one cannot fecking wait but don’t YOU wait till then get this in NOW.

2. Super Mario Kart Wii.

Mario Kart’s various outings on home consoles have suffered with varying degrees of quality since the SNES version (still considered by many to be the best) but not this outing. Coming bundled with the “Wii Wheel” a faux steering wheel that the “Wii-Mote” sits in this edition of everybody’s favourite multiplayer game was and is back to its very best. With a huge roster of drivers, cars, bikes and tracks this game puts the capital F back in the word Fun. Featuring what is still the best online experience on the Wii and 4 player split screen racing this is what multiplayer gaming is all about. Fast, hectic and well balanced the gameplay is easy to pick up and difficult to master, like all the best games. Not to be missed.

3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Nintendo’s cult smash finally took its place in the gaming mainstream with this outing. This 4 player brawler features the biggest roster of combatants ever seen in a game and all taken from Nintendo’s vast gaming catalogue of characters. Also Sega and Konami get a look in with Solid Snake and Alex Kidd amongst others putting in appearances. All of the characters come complete with their own music too. It is almost like an interactive gaming museum and anybody with a keen interest in games will be like a big kid in a candy store trying to unlock all that is on show here. With deceptively simple gameplay that hides a deeper tactical depth it is all about simple fun. Although it has a full online mode its the 4 player same screen where all the real multiplayer fun is to be had. If you own a Wii and have a love of all things video games this is essential.

4. Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition

One of the best games of the last generation makes a stunning return on the Wii. The only changes between this and the Gamecube version is Wii controls and an extra chapter. The new Wii controls really do make all the difference everything is just that much smoother and accurate. Making blasting Zombie heads off so much more fun and that is what makes this a must buy for anybody getting a Wii this christmas. A quick check around online shows that this game can be picked up for as little as £9.99, which is peanuts for the definitive version of one of the greatest games of all time so get ordering RIGHT!!!

5. Okami

This absolute gem of a game has now been sadly overlooked twice, first of all on the PS2 and now the Wii. With absolutely stunning graphics that look as if they have been hand painted in water colours and a deep involving storyline I am still confused about how this game has not sold.  You are Amaterasu a Goddess in the guise of a wolf and you are tasked with beating the Demon Orochi and returning colour to the games beautiful landscape. Similar in style to Nintendo’s Zelda series Capcom’s game packs in well over 30 hours of gameplay. This is truly a sadly overlooked masterpiece and a game you should definitely pick up if you are new to the Wii.

So this wraps up our Wii buyers guide. Now remember we are not saying that these are the 5 best games on the Wii (although these would be in with a shout if we did do a best of list) but a selection of games right across the board that we think people should give a go. So get out there track these games down and then let us know if you enjoyed them or not.



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