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Eye Pet / PS3 / Sony

Eye Pet / PS3 / Sony

To cute for words especially if you are aged around 8.

After seeing trailers for this both my wife and little 8-year-old daughter pronounced they wanted this no matter what. So I am going to try and write this review from their perspective in particular my daughter. Sold in tandem with the Playstation Eye for around £35.00 this really is not a game at all more like a souped up tech demo crossed with a Petz and (God I hate that bollocks of adding Z on the end of things to make it look cool) Nintendogs animal raising sim.

First off you are guided through the process of hatching your egg by some nutty professor type.You place a black and red plastic card thing on the floor that the camera registers and right there on the TV your egg pops up from your living room floor. Its right here at the beginning that you remember the technical limitations of these kind of camera controlled toys. The camera is just not precise or sensitive enough to rock your egg side to side using your hands to get it to hatch. This quickly turns into a very hit and miss chore it took me and my daughter a good 20 minutes to get the thing to hatch. Once this is out-of-the-way though these control issues are few and far between but just be warned they do still exist. What struck me immediately especially with both the wife cooing at the screen is how cute and well animated your little cat monkey type thing is. Not only that but how good the effect looks on the TV of you sat on your living room floor and this creature walking around and over you even reacting to you moving your legs and arms.

Next up you have to X-Ray your little friend again using the plastic card. You do this by holding the card up to the camera and use it as a kind of scanner. These regular X-Ray’s form a report telling you and the nutty professor how happy, hungry and healthy little Coco is (Coco is what my little princess has named him by the way). Next up is the Pet Programme which is where the meat of what little real game can be found.

The Pet Programme is split into days and there are 5 different objectives to do each day. These objectives form the basis of teaching your pet new tricks and also teach you how to care for him. Passing these objectives also unlocks new clothes, toys and activities for you and your new chum to do. These include drawing and singing and they all work pretty well especially the drawing. The drawing eventually gives you a magic pen to make toys such as a Car and Plane that your pet can drive and play with. The joy of watching something your little one has drawn then have their pet copy it by holding it up to the camera is a joy and technical marvel to behold.

Obviously your kids will get more enjoyment out of it than adults. I know my daughter absolutely loves it, what with all the dressing up in various costumes. At this very minute Coco is in a full Santa costume which was downloaded from the PSN for nothing. But here in lies the problem there is little more to this than that really it is just an expanded tech demo a very impressive one but a tech demo all the same. I will not knock it too much though as I have stated before both my daughter and wife love it and I guess that is exactly what Sony were aiming for.

I am not going to give it a review score because it’s not really a game so I will give the last few words to my little Princess Ellie. “Eye Pet is really really good. Coco is very cute and I love him to bits. I like drawing with him and dressing him up. I also think he is very funny when he jumps and pounces on your fingers like a cat when you tap them on the floor. I think my Daddy should give it 10 out of 10 and stop trying to teach Coco to sing ‘I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles’ as Coco does not like West Ham, he likes Arsenal like me”. Says it all really don’t you think. I only have one other problem now, getting my PS3 back!

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