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Posted by drew10 on Jan 8, 2010
Game of The Year 2009

Game of The Year 2009

So another year has passed and we have seen some great games in the last 12 months on all consoles, though it has to be said that the PS3 and Xbox 360 have supplied almost all of the games to make our list.  Here is our top games of 2009 and at the end we will list our top five including the game we thought deserved the honour of Game4Anything’s Game Of The Year 2009!!





GTA: Chinatown Wars – PSP/DSWhen this was announced for the DS it raised a few eyebrows mostly because people were wondering how Rockstar would manage to shoehorn in all the sandbox fun expected of a GTA title. Well I have to say not only did they manage but, whisper it, this is probably a better game than the home console’s GTA IV. Taking place in GTA IV’s Liberty City it has a unique looking art  style and top down isometric view-point. The main thing this has over its bigger and older sibling is the return of the series’ cutting sense of humour and OTT gameplay. Absolutely sterling stuff  that is more than worthy of a place on this list and is probably one of the best games available for either handheld. If only we could now solve the conundrum of why it has sold so poorly.


Forza 3 – 360

Microsoft and developers Turn 10 rival to Sony’s Gran Turismo series actually looks like finally giving its competitor a run for its money this time round. It has done this by making the game accessible for all types of players and not just the racing game and petrol heads that usually lap this kind of fare right up. Visually the game is a stunner and it is backed up with one of the best online communities to be found anywhere on that infernal interweb thing. And it is because of these reasons it has managed to creep on to our list of top games for 2009.


Tekken 6 – 360/PS3

Eddie gave Tekken 6 a massive review with the game scoring a very respectable 8/10. Tekken 6 is a true return to form for the series and with a massive fighters roster and classic Tekken gameplay, Bandai Namco’s game makes it into our top games of 2009.




Street Fighter 4 – 360/PS3

Battling with Tekken 6 for fighting game of the year Capcom released Street Fighter 4. With the classic SF 2D gameplay and stunning 3D graphics Street Fighter 4 just pips Bandai Namco’s game to the post. Featuring an ever-growing  roster (Via Download) of classic and new characters Street Fighter 4 is a true modern-day classic.



Killzone 2 – PS3

Hailed by all when the game was released, Killzone 2 was a true tour-de-force poster boy for what the PS3 could do on-screen. The graphics set a new precedent in FPS with some of the most stunning visuals ever seen. A massive game with some huge action sequences that still somehow felt too on the rails and fell just short of the legendary status we all hoped for. Still for the sheer experience Killzone 2 makes it into our top games of 2010.



Assassins Creed 2 – PS3/360

Critically acclaimed by all the follow-up to the almost great Assassins Creed, takes everything that was good about the first game and enhances it tenfold. A much bigger and deeper experience than before. Massive areas and loads to do Assassins Creed 2 is a real contender for game of the year.




Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – PS3/PC/360

2009’s and the biggest ever entertainment release is an incredibly fantastic game. Whether it is as good a game or as major an improvement over the 1st in the series is up for debate. There is no denying the games qualities but for me the lack of co-op through the main story and the brevity of the campaign mode hold it back a little. What is for sure it is the best FPS of the year and is a fully deserving candidate for 2009’s game of the year.



Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – PS3

Sony’s massive console seller is a master-class in-game design. Fantastic story, graphics script, voice-acting and most of all gameplay all add up to one of the most cinematic action games ever. From start to finish Uncharted 2 never lets up and never once disappoints. Roughly ten hours of gaming nirvana feels short but purely because you never want it to end. Bring on Uncharted 3 soon please!!



Left 4 Dead 2 – 360/PC

Valve received a lot of stick for announcing and releasing this only a short year after the originals release. But let me tell you this is no slack sequel improving on all areas of the original and adding new stuff such as mêlée weapons. Without a shadow a of a doubt this is the best online co-op experience to be found on any machine and its none-to-shabby in vs. mode either. This is why it sits among the very best 2009 had to offer.



Batman: Arkham Asylum – PS3/360

2009 actually saw a real rarity in this game, an excellent licensed super hero game. Developed by relative unknowns Rocksteady, this is a shining example of a team that obviously had real love for the source material and the talent and vision to turn this love into a stunning game. Beautiful graphics, great voice acting, intuitive and visceral combat and decent use of the Dark Knights various gadgets make this a real contender for 2009’s title.


New Super Mario Brothers Wii

Nintendo had a shocking year when it came to supporting core gamers but this game shows why us true Nintendo devotees are not jumping ship just yet. Absolutely oozing charm and genius design this is Nintendo at their very best and yet another reminder of why 2D games are making a big come back. The Italian plumber is back again to save Princess  Daisy from the clutches of the infamous Bowser but now he can do it with 3 mushroom friends in 4 player co-op. It is not the all-conquering force that Super Mario Brothers 3 was back in the day but it is still one of the best games 2009 had to offer.


So they are the contenders but which games make it into the top five! Here is the countdown:

Fifth Place

Gran Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

It is really great to see a hand-held game get into the top five for game of the year. Rockstar go back to their routes on this one and prove once more that you don’t need amazing graphics to produce amazing games. Bravo!

Fourth Place

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

A shock here at number 4, many people would have had money on Modern Warfare 2 being in and around the top spot. However, whilst undeniably a great game we feel it did not quite live up to the awe factor its predecessor had and this year it came up against serious opposition.

Third Place

Assassins Creed 2

Ubi-soft have finally made good on all the promises of the first game in the series. Assassins Creed 2 is a joy to play from start to end. To be honest we deliberated long and hard as to whether this would finish second or third with it finally being pipped into the bronze position.

Runner Up

Batman- Arkham Asylum

Finally, a good Superhero game! In fact not just good but amazing. Batman: Arkham Asylum is the game featuring the caped crusader we have all yearned for, for many years. With stunning graphics and brilliant voice acting and script the game came close to finishing at the top of the pile.

2009 Game4Anything Game Of The Year

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Yes Sony’s awesome action adventure earns its place in the G4A hall of fame. Naughty Dog have once again proved they are the leading light in games development with what can only be described as one of the best video games not just of this year but of all time. If ever there was a more endearing character cast in a game we haven’t seen it. The set piece set on the train is phenomenal.

We hail this years winner and look forward to the next instalment!


So there you have it, another year gone and with it some truly memorable moments from some fantastic games. We say goodbye to 2009 and look forward to the promise of 2010. If this year lives up to all the promise then Game Of The Year awards will be more difficult than ever!

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