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Posted by drew10 on Jan 6, 2010

Game4Anything's round up of 2009

Well 2009 has been a pretty bumper year again for the video games industry. Modern Warfare 2 became the largest grossing entertainment release in history, finally cementing gaming as a legitimate pastime and making anyone associated with games rich beyond their wildest dreams. That is why Moonhead and I are sending you this article from our own private G4A island in the South Pacific! Okay we know we have both made s much cash now on G4A that we never have to work again but, being the professionals we are, we will continue to bring you the best video game reporting anywhere on the interweb thingy!

2009 also saw Microsoft announce Natal which looks to be a massive gimmick which hopefully will come and go rather quickly. It may provide some interesting ideas but seriously leave that kinda shit to Nintendo guys! Anyway Peter Molyineux was quoted as saying; “It will revolutionise gaming for all eternity and all games from now on will be amazing and you will be able to interact with games like never before and look it can see me, he he he, la la la.” He was last seen skipping through fields with Natal under his arm.

Sony finally began to claw back some of its lost ground on Microsoft with sales of the PS3 beginning to pick up and unsurprisingly the release of the PS3 slim!  We have no idea why Sony always release a monster machine only to then stick it on a treadmill for a year it is confusing to us, but then we are old and drunk so most things are! Sony also announced their very own spin on motion sensing tech the very weirdly named Gem (this name is sure to change). Although it looks mildly more interesting than “Project Natal” it still all looks to be no more than a novelty fad thing.

The PSP also got a makeover with the new PSP Go looking lovely and causing a fantastic amount of users thumbs to develop RSI’s in the first 2 minutes of play! Great going there!

Nintendo continued to add to there growing reputation with the release of Wii Sports Resort including the Wii motion plus add on for the Wii-mote. They also increased the perception that they have become the females console manufacturer of choice by using the nauseatingly nice Geordie boys Ant & Dec in their advertising. Did any of you log on to see who won any of the challenges? No nor did we! With sales of the Wii slowing and poor support for their own machines (I mean what kind of first party Christmas line up is Super Mario Bros Wii and Wii Fit Plus supposed to be) in 2009. Could 2010 be the year that Microsoft and Sony make up significant ground on Nintendo. On the other hand though trying to predict what Nintendo is going to do next is a mugs game which is why we love them so much.

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