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Posted by drew10 on Jan 26, 2010
Gaming News 26th Jan 2010

Gaming News 26th Jan 2010

The House Of Lords Relieves Itself All Over The Games Industry!

In a landmark announcement for both the British film and games industries, TIGA, the trade association representing the UK games industry, said today that the House of Lords Communications Committee had effectively backed TIGA’s campaign for Games Tax Relief.

Basically what this means for games production in this country is that more of the budget will go on games production and less to the tax man. Likewise for film production it will hopefully see less major films being produced in Australia to avoid the tax restrictions that are in-place in the UK.

Some old bloke in the House Of Lords said “We recognise the claims of the videogames industry for support in the face of foreign government-subsidised competition, and recommend that the Government consider providing tax incentives for videogames production.” He then went on to say “By the way does anybody actually know what a videogame is?” probably.

TIGA’s CEO, Richard Wilson, who apparently isn’t the bloke off of 5th Gear, beamed “It is very encouraging that the cross-party, highly respected House of Lords Communications Committee has recommended that the Government should consider providing tax incentives for videogames production.

“We know that the Department of Culture, Media and Sport’s priority is to introduce Games Tax Relief. Additionally, Ed Vaizey MP, Conservative Shadow Arts Minister, said at a Westminster eForum event on January 21, 2010 that while he could not make a firm promise, he would want to introduce a tax measure supportive of the video games sector within two to three years of a Conservative administration, if the Party was to be elected to Government in the general election this year. TIGA’s Games Tax Relief campaign is gaining significant supporters. We will continue to advance the case to HM Treasury.” Still I would rather pay extra for video games than have a Tory Government again, oops little bit of politics!

So at the moment the Government still haven’t made any formal decision on this matter but it is definitely a step in the right direction and should ensure more independent development houses can survive without being swallowed up by EA, Sony or Microsoft. Shame it has come too late for many of the most creative teams around.

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