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Posted by drew10 on Jan 21, 2010
Gaming News 21st Jan 2010

Gaming News 21st Jan 2010


So it is next Friday, 2010 gets its first Blockbuster release. It is fair to say that the anticipation surrounding Mass Effect 2’s UK release is tangible. At G4A we have made no secret of how much we are foaming at the trousers for this one. Still a week to go however.

With regards to my previous article about ME2’s DLC EA have announced that the ‘Cerberus Network’ (The in-game shopping portal for DLC) will be available at ‘no extra charge’ to customers who purchased the original game. Interestingly it doesn’t mention whether the DLC itself will be chargeable.

In the meantime watch the official launch trailer here to tantalise you just that little bit more.

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  1. Alex hetherington says:

    I have played ME2 and what a game it’s shaping upto be the 5min opener is sublime truely captivated I felt like I was actually playing in a movie. Loads of smiles relating to ME1 but still Agee anoying loading times and still lifts are relatively slow at loading, other than that it’s definately an A rated masterclass in RPG.

    • drew10 says:

      Agreed, been playing it now for a good 15 hours and I am loving every bit. I really like the fact it follows the exact story that your character played through in the first game. Providing you still have the save of course.

      It is probably now fixing its place as game of the year and it is only January. One thing is for sure it sets the bar fucking high for this year.

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