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Posted by moonhead on Jan 25, 2010
Gaming News 25th January 2010

Gaming News 25th January 2010

Are Apple Going To Finally Take Their Gaming Medicine?

We are a little late on the scene with this one but we could not let this take place without writing a little something down. Apple earlier this month announced they would be holding a press event in a big old conference centre in San Francisco on the 27th of January and would be unveiling a new creation.

The new creation is being touted as the oft talked about and much rumoured Apple Tablet. The rumoured device is a kind of halfway house between a full-blown iMac and a iPhone. It is thought to have a full touch-screen display about 9.5″ – 11.5″ in diameter and have full access to all of Apple’s software and App services. Also it would seem Apple are ready to loosen their draconian DRM  for this new device, how far this will go is anybody’s guess but it is still a step in the right direction. The admittedly only rumoured price  is looking steep but  Apple’s tech always is, although a $1000 does seem to push it out of the hands of the mass consumer but let’s wait and see.

Some of you may question why this is of relevance to us Gamers as Apple has given the games market a big swerve since the failure of the Pippin many years ago. Well for the first time in a long while it would seem Apple is taking the gaming market seriously.  What with the iPhone actually performing well as a gaming device giving people an genuine third option to the other two handhelds. Also for the first time the worlds gaming press have been invited to the press event on the 27th. Also news has reached us that EA have already said they would be backing Apple’s new creation, whatever it is.

The other rumour about the event is that it could actually end up being just the unveiling of Apple’s 4th version of the iPhone. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s both. As soon as we know more and how relevant it all is to us gamers, G4A will let you know.

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