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Preview: Metro 2033 – THQ – PC/360

Preview: Metro 2033 – THQ – PC/360


THQ has supplied us with some more titbits about upcoming 360 and PC shooter Metro 2033.

The stunning looking FPS is set against a backdrop of post apocalyptic Moscow and promises to be intense and story-driven. Needless to say that fate of the world rests firmly at your feet.

We have seen many post apocalyptic settings for games, most recently done to great effect by Fallout 3, but being set in Moscow should give this game a unique flavour.

Here is how the story goes: After the world is devastated and humanity almost wiped out by a, so far un-revealed, apocalyptic event the human race is now lives almost exclusively underground, and their besieged Metro Station-Cities struggle for survival, with each other, and the mutant horrors that await outside.  Okay so no major prizes for originality in the back story then!

You play Artyom a character born and raised underground and you have never ventured beyond your Metro Station-City limits all of that changes when… well, you can guess the rest but it follows the lines of warn the remnants humanity of impending doom and save the world!!
Whilst the storyline may sound a little run-of-the-mill, what is undeniable is that the game looks truly stunning as you can see from these recently released screen shots. Metro 2033 promises a world full of grim realism (well as real as can be in a game of this genre) with undercurrents of the horrors that living in these conditions would bring.
The games stunning lighting effects will add an extra dimension to the dark tunnels where all manner of spirits and mutants haunt waiting for their next prey. But the game is not exclusively set underground and you will get plenty of time to explore the desolate wasteland and the creatures that inhabit it.
The various trailers proves what a phenomenal looking title this is and you can watch it a whole heap of them on by searching on Youtube! So far, both the PC and 360 versions look almost on par with the PC, unsurprisingly just edging it. What kind of grunt you will need under the hood in your PC remains to be seen.
One thing is for sure if Metro 2033 plays half as good as it looks THQ could be on to a winner here.
There is no official word on a release date as yet but we will bring you a review as soon as we can, for now feast yourselves on this gallery of 15 gorgeous screens!
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