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Gaming News 12th February 2010

Gaming News 12th February 2010

Microsoft Look To Have Their Fans In ‘X’tasy

Last Night at around 9pm UK time Microsoft were holding their ‘x10’ media event in San Francisco. The purpose for this event was to highlight and show off their release schedule for the space year 2010. Here we will give you a little run down of what was shown.

Alan Wake

First out of the blocks was Remedy’s long time missing in action horror thriller. A new trailer was shown and it still looks totally stunning and we also have a confirmed US release date of May 18th and the 21st in the UK. Microsoft also announced the now obligatory and always underwhelming limited edition copy of the game which will come in a faux hardback book binding and all the other completely useless crap that come with these things. Anybody that preorders the game will also be looked after and receive the Bright Falls Bonus pack which just seems to be some Avatar items and a Xbox theme. All  this said the game is looking sweet indeed and is definitely locked on my must but radar.

Halo Reach

Although I’m finding it hard to get excited about this after the slightly disappointing Halo: OCD (I know its ODST but  there are that many Halo games now it is starting to feel a little like OCD or maybe that should be RSI). This said the screens and video’s seen thus far do look pretty decent and look to be showing a change of direction. First up was the news that the much-anticipated (in some parts) multiplayer beta will launch on May the 3rd for those that own the aforementioned Halo: OCD (Oops I did it again). Also Bungie have put to bed the rumour that Halo Reach will be making use of Microsoft’s new motion control camera Project Natal, so no flapping your arms about to kill off hordes of Covenant then(thank God). I am sure some lucky games journo’s got to play this at the event so as soon as we know more we  will let you know.

Dead Rising 2

Capcom’s Zombie fest also finally gets a nailed down release date of September 3rd here in good old Blighty. More interestingly a Xbox exclusive playable prologue called Dead Rising: Case Zero will be made available for download on Xbox live prior to the sequels release. We are unsure at this time whether this is a free download but this extra slice of zombie action is going to bridge the story between the 2 games. As soon as we have more info on this exciting piece of information we will let you all know.

Fable III

Lionhead’s third return to the world of Albion has been confirmed for release during the holiday period of 2010. Also announced to appear in the next 24 hours on Xbox Live is a Lionhead developer diary. So great we will get to hear more inane drivel come out of Peter Molyneux’s rather large mush about emoting and conveying emotions and stuff. I know the guy is a legend in the British games design but he don’t half  talk some shit! No further news on how the game incorporates Project Natal but I’m still hoping that the “Vulgar Thrust” expression somehow makes it in there.

Live Arcade Block Party

The Xbox Live Arcade Block Party will kick off with the release of the promising looking Toy Soldiers on March the 3rd. This will be followed by the release of Perfect Dark and Scrap Metal over the course of the month. Also launching in March as part of the festivities is the new Game Room service which is a kind of virtual arcade which will feature original retro arcade classics resplendent in their old cabinets and you will be able to invite your friends round chat and walkabout. Which seems nice but pointless a bit like PSN’s Home really.

There was little else of note really other than confirmed dates for Splinter Cell Conviction on April the 16th and May 18th for Lost Planet 2. What happened to Cliffy Bellend’s face melting news I don’t know but I suppose we will have to wait for E3 now for the inevitable announcement of Gears Of War 3. So after all the hype what do we think of  Microsoft’s first party line up, Me personally I think it’s looking very good and 2010 really does look as if it is shaping up to be one hell of a year for us gamers. Let us know your thoughts on all of this below.

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