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Posted by drew10 on Mar 10, 2010

Feature – Is 3D The Future Of Gaming?

With every games company and their dogs investing heavily in motion tracking hardware and software to go with it the new buzz is 3D.

With cinema’s worldwide adopting ‘Real 3D’ screens it seems the world has finally caught up with the 1950’s and introduced 3D.

Okay, so the technology has moved on since the red and blue or green glasses that used to create the illusion of three dimensional images on screen. Essentially however the idea is still the same, to fool the brain into thinking a flat image actually has depth.

In cinema’s the effect is created by showing the film in two separate images one for the left eye and one for the right a process called stereoscopic imaging. The glasses worn are polarised allowing only the image for each eye to enter thus creating a 3D image in the brain.

However the distortion in visual field can leave some users with headaches or eye-strain after prolonged periods of use. Therefore the holy grail of 3D is to use a system that does not require glasses. In a cinema this is very difficult to achieve, video games at home are a different matter entirely.

Sony looks set to launch a PS3 update in June this year to coincide with the launch of its first 3D televisions. These would be a hefty outlay of at least £2000 in order to play 3D games or watch movies in 3D, although it will come with 2 whole pairs of 3D glasses.

However there is another and potentially much cheaper way of doing 3D at home for gaming. Using a method called head-tracking developers in Japan have started to create true 3D games without the need for glasses. Basically what happens is the computer will read the position of the viewers head and change the image accordingly. The effect is stunning and one game that is out for the DSi already has proved to be a stunning creation, see the video here:


The effect is awe-inspiring I am sure you will agree, as you tilt the machine the image is redrawn to create a sense of depth unlike anything seen before.

How this relates to console gaming can be seen from the incredible Johnny Chung Lee, a whiz-kid, who has created many uses for his Wii-mote including a virtual whiteboard.

He has now tipped his hat to making a head-tracking 3D system using a Wii-mote and receiver bar. Take a look at the video here:


The possibilities for gaming using this technology are immense, a fact not lost on Microsoft who have reportedly signed Mr Johnny Lee to work on Natal!

Obviously head-tracking will only work for the person using it but onlookers will still be able to see a clearer and better image than if the picture was stereoscopic, like that in a cinema.

Head-tracking 3D is touching on Virtual Reality without having to wear either headache-inducing glasses or vomit-inducing headsets although without the full 360 degree motion.

We at G4A are actually really excited about the prospect of Head-tracking 3D as we think it could add an extra immersive element to racing and FPS games so bring it on we say.

Next time we will bring you news of Microsoft’s secret plans to beam games directly into your brain!! (Okay we made that up, but it wouldn’t surprise us if we are honest!)

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3 Responses to “Feature – Is 3D The Future Of Gaming?”

  1. NUFCRULE (Liam) says:

    That actually made my jaw drop , love the idea of it but like all technology, it has its downsides , new 3d tv’s with the glasses allow multiple viewers , were as head tracking cant ?, im sure some japanese brainiac will work it out though, will be years of though i think

    • drew10 says:

      I agree, however this will only be usable for gaming. The effect is still watch-able even without being able to see the 3D whereas if you don’t have the glasses you simply cannot watch a stereoscopic image.

      Plus this should not hurt your eyes like the glasses do as the 3D effect is all drawn by the computer.

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  3. james braselton says:

    hi there you are right nintendo will let 3D with out glasses win with 3D with glasses if possable no one would want too were 3D glasses if the console or tv screens or computer monitor can have 3D with out the need of glasses like thats why i think the nintendo 3DS will become i big hit over night 3D with out glasses alwsoume like the flix pix camra also 3D wwith out glasses for $600 released last year i want one of them as well

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