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Posted by drew10 on Mar 25, 2010
Feature – Nintendo 3DS

Feature – Nintendo 3DS

If there is one thing we have learnt and if we are honest there probably is only one thing, it is that you can never second-guess Nintendo.

Whilst rumours have been flying around the net for a few weeks now about their ‘big’ announcement, most people thought it would be an update of the DS.

Well they were right but none were expecting the news that the next update for the ultra-successful little hand-held would be the 3DS. Yes, Nintendo have announced that the new DS will feature glasses-free 3D gaming. We showed you a game on the standard DS that featured a head-tracking game that gives a 3D effect. You can watch the video in our previous feature on 3D gaming here.

Whilst there have been very few details released about the exact tech behind the new hand-held, rumours claim it will feature HD screens, an iPhone-like accelerometer and be fully backwards compatible with Nintendo DS and DSi games.

As the news was announced the 3DS has obviously got Sony worried. Director of hardware marketing John Koller in an interview with IGN said recently, “Having been in the portable space for quite a while, I think it’s an interesting move but one I’d like to see where they go from a demographic standpoint, 8- and 9-year-olds playing 3D is a little bit of a stretch given where some of our research is right now.” Hmm, no hint of worry in his voice that the 3DS will finally kill of the PSP then eh?

Nintendo claim that the 3DS will be able to produce the same amount of power as a Gamecube which is obviously quite a lot, but we will actually have to wait until E3 in June for them to truly unveil their new master-stroke.

This could possibly be the most intriguing E3 since the launch of this generation of consoles as all of the major players will be showing off new hardware. Along with 3DS come Microsoft’s Natal, and Sony’s Move, fads that will come and go or the future of gaming? Only time will tell!

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