Posted by drew10 on Mar 22, 2010
Preview: Lost Planet 2 – Xbox 360 – Capcom

Preview: Lost Planet 2 – Xbox 360 – Capcom

So Friday saw Game4anything attend the official Capcom press event for Lost Planet 2. Yes we actually got hands on with the highly anticipated sequel to the 2008 shooter.

We arrived at 9.30am on the dot, we at G4A pride ourselves on our punctuality you know? The room was dark with various LP2 iconography strewn around. after a short wait and a couple of complimentary cups of coffee we are lead through to a second room.

In this room sat thirty-two Xbox 360’s and LCD screens for us to get some multiplayer mayhem going. we all sat at each screen and began to experience the deathmatch arenas of LP2.

Now many of you will know my own personal bugbear with deathmatches but I am willing to hold my hands up and say that Lost Planet 2’s multiplayer is looking good, very good.

The successful blend of on foot and Mech based combat remains but LP2 also brings to the table some new ideas that enhance the gameplay immensely.  I am bound by an NDA so that I can’t give away too much but lets just say that each level offers something you haven’t seen before. The one feature that really stood out for me was the ability to blend two mechs together to create a transformer-type super mech!

Another thing that stood out was the originality and variety of the maps, from blasting around on a space station to a post apocalyptic wasteland or to my personal favourite a sports arena where the combat is instantaneous and intense. Some of the mechs you can use in LP2 are huge and taking these down can be somewhat troublesome.

There was one thing I noticed that I didn’t like, on the snow level the grass was so long that it would obscure you character and the majority of the screen. Obviously this is a major concern when you are trying to kill and not be killed.

Another thing I noticed is that a lot of games journalists are pretty crap gamers! Obviously we at G4A kicked arse!

We were allowed to take camera stills of the game in action and that is what these screens are, actual screens of the game running.

We also have some exclusive news, along with the characters mentioned in our earlier preview which you can read here, we have also learnt from producer Takeuchi-san that Frank West is taking time off from kicking Zombie butt in Dead Rising 2 to also make an appearance

As and when we are allowed to divulge more information we will.

Keep it here, in the meantime here are the photos I took of the game in action!

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