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Posted by drew10 on Mar 24, 2010
Review: God Of War 3 – Sony – PS3

Review: God Of War 3 – Sony – PS3

Bloody Brilliant

Hack and slash is a phrase that has never been quite as apt as it is when describing God of War 3. Sony’s third and final instalment of the highly successful series brings to the table more gore and gruesome moments than ever before and if I am honest it is excellent.

Set against the war between the Greek Gods and the Titans you play Kratos, the fallen son of Zeus sworn for revenge against the Gods. For those of you who haven’t played the first two games the story is recapped by way of flashbacks with some of the most sumptuous animated and artistic sequences I have yet seen in any game.

As the game progresses Kratos meets many of the Gods from Greek mythology and takes them out one-by-one. With each God that dies the world darkens that little bit more.

From the moment you slide the disc into your PS3, God of War 3 screams class. For a start there is no annoying wait whilst the game installs and then you are met with the intro sequence which is shot in the same beautiful art styling as that of the flashback sequences mentioned above. However, it is once the game begins that the true quality of Santa Monica Studio’s masterpiece comes to life.

God of War 3 opens with one of the most intense and eye-bleedingly gorgeous first levels ever, as Kratos battles up Mount Olympus in his quest for revenge on Zeus. He is aided in his battle by Gia the Earth Titan whom he protects by saving off an attack from God of the seas Poseiden. Just the sheer scale and detail of the Titan takes your breath away and really begins to show off what the PS3 is truly capable of. This game is so good-looking it could have been conceived in the womb of Aphrodite herself.

Of course being beautiful is nothing with content (Right Jordon?) and God Of War 3 proves that you really can have it all. The gameplay mechanic is wondrous and easily accessible to both newcomers and experienced gamers alike. That said it can be devilishly hard in places yet so engrossing that you will keep retrying the same bit time and time again until you defeat whatever is in front of you.

And what is in front of you can be mean, big and for the most part ugly. Even the small bosses are massive and take some serious amounts of pummeling. Yes you will need all of your wits and no small amount of thumb skills to get these baddies rocking but once you do it opens up a Quick Time Event (QTE) sequence that leads to the kill. These are generally gruesome and ultimately satisfying after ten minutes of constant RSI-inducing gameplay.

Whilst the small baddies are big, the big ones are HUGE and boy do they take some beating. There is one sequence where you need to take down a Titan which will go down in gaming folklore for the sheer scale and intensity that it brings.

God of War 3 is not just about slicing up mythical creatures though, oh no. There is a fair amount of puzzling involved too, some of which can also be fiendish in its implementation, including a section which is more-than-a-little reminiscent of PS2 classic ICO.

The weaponry and items that you collect as the game progresses are all superb and each have their own unique qualities and all can be upgraded by collecting orbs.

Yes, no decent hack and slash game would be complete without the need to collect orbs and here is no different. Green restore health, blue will restore magic and red can be saved up to upgrade your weapons.

It is difficult to go into detail without giving too much away but tearing off the head of Helos God of the Sun so you can use it as a magical torch is one of my personal favourites.

God Of War 3 comes with an 18 certificate and with good reason, there are more graphic killings in this game than in perhaps any before. So keep the kids away, but they are really bloody good fun and no mistake! We loved pulling a cyclops eye out of its head and watching as the optic nerve snapped! Sigh, good times!

The soundtrack breathes with the same quality as the rest of the game with suitable orchestral and operatic pieces enhancing the action and helping to race your pulse. And our favourite bugbear of dodgy voice acting is nowhere to be seen.

Okay, so you may have noticed that we quite like this game, but there are a couple of (extremely) minor things to gripe about. Some of the platform-style sections can be fiddly to the point of annoying especially when the camera has zoomed out.  The camera itself, which for the most part performs well, can sometimes get a little confused. At one point we found ourselves having a fight round a corner in a corridor whilst the camera stayed still. And a game of this beauty could really have benefited from a user controllable camera as sometimes you just want to look around and appreciate the stunning visuals.

Don’t be expecting to breeze your way through God Of War 3, this game is as difficult as it is brilliant and whilst it can be ultimately rewarding it can be equally frustrating. Especially as it will keep asking you if you want to drop the game to an easier level if you have died a few times. I don’t know if the developers put that there to help or just aggravate, particularly if you have been struggling against seven Cyclops with no health refills.

These minor gripes aside God of War 3 proves itself to be an instant classic and as near a perfect example of its genre as you could wish for. It is a shame that it is the last in the series!

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2 Responses to “Review: God Of War 3 – Sony – PS3”

  1. NUFCRULE (Liam) says:

    Sounds and looks really good, im going to get this in the god of war trilogy, with the re-done first & second god of wars

  2. moonhead says:

    Sony have gone on record as saying that although this will definitely be the end of the current storyline involving Kratos, there will definitely be more games in the franchise so happy days then.

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