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Posted by drew10 on Apr 21, 2010
Feature – Gaming on a Budget Part 1 – How to save a few quid!

Feature – Gaming on a Budget Part 1 – How to save a few quid!

Gaming, it is a past-time which now grosses more than the movie industry and which has an ever-growing user-base worldwide. The advent of the Wii has meant that games companies now have a wider audience and potential for profit than ever before. This in turn has put increased pressure on families to continuously fork out large sums of money to keep up with the latest gaming trends.

With the average game costing anywhere between £20- £50 gaming is not a cheap hobby by anybody’s standards. But there are ways to keep the costs down and we will run through them over the next couple of days:


It is the elephant in the room as far as games manufacturers are concerned, trading was brought in by independent games shops back in the days of the Megadrive and Snes. The outrageous cost of the cartridges meant that many families were looking for a way to lower their gaming bills. Thus game shops would allow you to bring in your old games and trade them against the price of a new one.

It was the perfect solution, it meant that game shops could resell the traded games for a profit whilst keeping the public happy no matter what their budget. Unfortunately, recent times have seen the independent retailers all but killed off as Game and HMV have started to corner the games market. Companies such as these see the trade-in market as a way to rinse even more hard-earned cash out of the public. With low buy-in prices and ridiculously high resale prices what was once a viable option has now become less so.

Let me give you an example; for a new game that you paid around £45 for you can expect around £20 for the trade in, this game will then reappear on the shelves for £40, it is nothing more than a criminal mark up.

However trading games can still be a useful weapon in a gamers armoury. If you are prepared to wait a few months some second hand games drop massively in price and you can grab yourself a bargain. Plus it is ideal if you missed out on a game when first released you can pick it up on the cheap later down the line.

Internet shopping:

Well we all do it for pretty much everything we buy these days, but a discerning gamer can really grab themselves a bargain by shopping around on the net. Whether it be Ebay or Amazon or any of the other retail shops out there a gamer can really lower their expenditure by shopping around online. However this can sometimes be time-consuming so what you need is a price comparison site for games! Luckily there is one and it doesn’t have some fat bloke shouting his bloody stupid moustached mouth off. No, this one is called Gamestracker and not only can you type in which game you are looking for but it will also let you know via email when the game has come down to the price at which you want to buy it at. It really is a brilliant place to find your games as it searches all of the major retailers including the online supermarkets who sometimes have ridiculous offers on.

One other place we would like to give a mention to is who we have found to be excellent in service and prices. If you are buying MS points we suggest you get them here as you can get more for your money than from the Xbox itself and they will instantly send you a code to your mobile which you can type into to XBL.


One of the best portals for a gamer on a budget is the downloadable content that each console manufacturer has on their online shops. Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and Nintendo’s Wii Shop channel all offer games at affordable prices, many of which are of the highest quality and well worth the limited investment.

The content ranges from classic arcade games of yesteryear, to some truly innovative and imaginative new titles. As always however, there is the drawback of having to buy points from each of the manufacturers. This effectively means that you have to purchase credits towards the game rather than just being able to buy the title with money. Alex highlighted this point brilliantly in this earlier article.

Whilst I agree with him that we should be allowed to buy each game for the exact price we by no means suggest that you boycott the online portals as you would be missing some real gems.

Yes out there in cyberspace there are some real quality games knocking around most of which retail for less than £15 and many are under a tenner. A huge amount of these games put their expensive brothers to shame and should not be underestimated.

Over the next couple days we will run down the best of the DLC out there, so you know which ones are the ones to part you with your reddies.

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2 Responses to “Feature – Gaming on a Budget Part 1 – How to save a few quid!”

  1. Chris Taylor says:

    Nice little read this, I look forward to reading the best of DLC article, as I love hunting for bargains.

  2. Alex says:

    Yeah the excuse of our local trade in shops for their extortionate price hikes are, I quote ‘since we usually have the more unique titles in, we have to put our bit on’ which is fair if this guy was talking to a 5 year old child. But since I have been playing games before he was even born, I wish these pre owned sellers would stop trying to patronise us mature gamer who know the score on the values of most games!!! I’m talking about U Chips and my local Market trader… Shame on U !!!

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