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Posted by drew10 on May 10, 2010
Gaming News 10th May 2010

Gaming News 10th May 2010

The Prince and The Pauper

With the film Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time due for its release on 21st May we admit to being less than excited by the prospect of yet another poor movie-tie-in. However there is a glimmer of hope as it is brought to the screen by the same team responsible for the Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy. Still on the day of release you will not hear us releasing the breath we have been holding.

On the same day the sequel to the excellent games series is also released. Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands looks very promising indeed and we are certainly more excited about this that the film. Set between Sands Of Time and Warrior Within, The Forgotten Sands looks set to take the series back to its roots whilst expanding on everything the last games did well. This is the series Next-gen début and much is expected of it, especially as it utilises Ubi Soft’s Anvil Engine which is the same one that Assassins Creed 2 was built on.

The game promises to be the biggest adventure so far in the series and you can expect huge battles, incredible death-defying acrobatics galore and, going by these screens, a great deal of eye-candy too! It is certainly one we are looking forward to with a great deal of anticipation and we will have a review soon so keep it here!

Pure Fun

Another upcoming release from Ubi Soft is Pure Football.

Taking on Pro Evo and Fifa is no mean feat and Ubi Soft Vancouver have sought to try something new with the genre. Well when I say new, the concept dates all the way back to Striker on the Amiga. Basically the premise is to position the player in the game, rather than sat high in the stand from a spectator view.

Pure Football has an over-the-shoulder camera, placing you directly in the middle of the action which, it  is hoped, will bring faster and more intense game-play.

This premise sounds good but whether they can pull it off remains to be seen. Especially as it raises questions regarding the multi-player aspect. Still, we  applaud any developers willing to try something different and a new challenger to Fifa’s and Pro Evo’s dominance can only be a good thing.

So far all the screens we have seen have the game set in some bizarre arenas, we are hoping that the game will include stadia full of screaming fans but we will have to wait and see. Pure Football is scheduled for release on 28th May so we wont have long too long to find out.

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