Posted by drew10 on May 27, 2010
Gaming News May 27th 2010

Gaming News May 27th 2010

Wanna Breed?

Great news for PS3 and PC owners today, the excellent Alien Breed is coming for download via PSN and Steam. Alien Breed: Impact is a much enhanced version of Team 17’s superb Alien Breed: Evolution which is currently available via XBLA.

What we love about Team 17 here at G4A is their willingness to listen to their fans and implement the feedback they receive, unlike certain games companies we could mention, Bioware we are looking at you! This has led to there being some significant changes to the game.

Alien Breed: Impact is now tougher and requires more individual exploration than its predecessor. It features expanded customisability, with upgrades available for weapons that can be purchased using cash looted from corpses and lockers. If that isn’t enough to whet your appetite, there are enhancements to the co-operative gameplay experience for you and a shooting buddy, not to mention the “Prologue” campaign, which takes players through an updated and expanded introduction to the world of Alien Breed.

Studio Head Martyn Brown said: “We’re always very keen to hear what our communities are saying about our titles and greatly consider feedback. For Alien Breed: Impact, it was great that we went back to the design and improved the game in many areas, meaning a much tighter gameplay experience for all.” Top stuff we say!

No release date as yet but hopefully we can secure a review copy and let you know  just how good Alien Breed: Impact is.

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