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Posted by eddierichards on May 5, 2010


So, here we have the latest kick-ass edition of Capcom’s world-famous Street Fighter series. Again, it’s time to dust down your joysticks, and now, well… Unless you’ve never played an SF game in your life, there’s not much of anything new to report.

Basically, this is an update to the original SFIV, in much the same vein as other updates before it (SF: Champion Edition, SSF Turbo, etc). It must be said though, that in comparison to regular SFIV, this game has so much more content on offer. It’s also much cheaper to buy than the original – luckily enough for those who purchased the previous game, and there are unlockable items at hand for those with SFIV save data, too!

Oddly though, it has the same boss as last time (Seth), on the same power-stealing quest as before, and that’s about it – but we are sure many of you don’t play Street Fighter for its’ storyline! There are new movie sequences to watch for each character, which is nice enough!

From the off, there are 35 characters at your disposal, taken from previous games in the series such as Street Fighter 3 (my personal favourite), and Street Fighter Alpha 3. The likes of Cody & Guy (first seen in Capcom’s classic horizontal-scrolling beat-em-up, Final Fight) and Dudley and Makoto from the SF3 games, are here in fine form. …Finally, for those who demanded it – you get to pit the boxers Balrog and Dudley against each other! Yay! All the regular characters are here, from Ryu to M.Bison, including those you had to work for in SFIV (Akuma, Gouken, etc). There are also two brand new world warriors, a Turkish wrestler  named Hakan and Juri, some evil chick who’s a friend of the evil boss Seth… There are now a total of 21 stages to fight in – a favourite of mine being set upon girders, way up in the sky (See if you can spot ‘Super Mario’ – ???), as a crowd of construction workers look on from a skyscraper. The games graphics are very colourful and so pretty to look at that it can be almost distracting!

Each fighter now has two ultra moves to choose from, in exactly the same way as Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (you opt for one of them before you start fighting). Again, other than that, there really aren’t any new moves to play with, unless you stick to the many new guys n’ gals on the roster.

Overall, the whole game looks very glossy, and the presentation is very nice. Plus, if you didn’t already know, the Bonus stages have made a return! Once again, you get to destroy cars and barrels, however these soon became tiresome and I preferred to switch them off.

Street Fighter 4 was rightly criticised for the loading times between fight and that is something that thankfully has improved in this game!

If, like me, the first edition’s title screen music annoyed you, you’ll be glad to know it’s gone! Otherwise, there’s the odd character tune remix, and it’s all generally the same pop/techno/rock stuff you’d expect. The new fight announcer is a bit over-dramatic, but funny all the same.

Other than the new characters and stages, SSFIV feels very much like it’s predecessor, which I guess is no bad thing. But as a diehard fan of SF3: Third Strike, this still doesn’t hit the mark for me. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great game in its’ own right – but I’m used to the hardcore qualities of part 3. All in all, Super Street Fighter IV is good fun. And Having Cody and the Jamaican DeeJay back is awesome (for me, anyhow!). For those of you who owned the original SFIV, you won’t feel cheated, and you will quickly get over the feelings of deja vu.


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