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Posted by drew10 on Jun 24, 2010
Feature E3 – Nintendo Round-up

Feature E3 – Nintendo Round-up

Whilst Microsoft and Sony fought it out over which of their new peripherals were as good as the Wii, Nintendo were spouting “That is like soooo last year” and in truth they dominated E3 with the official announcement of their new handheld miracle console the 3DS. Yes the little machine that creates 3D images without the need for headache inducing glasses wowed the crowds and no mistake but along with this there were a few other interesting announcements from the big N and we will round up the best ones here.

Legend of Zelda – The Skyward Sword / Wii

Finally a new Zelda is coming to the Wii and this looks to be pushing the boundaries. Using the Wiimote and Nunchuck you now control Links sword and shield. It is a new control method that was demonstrated by gaming legend Shigeru Miyamoto, although to be honest he didn’t really seem to be very good at it. He probably could have done with a 12yr old to show him how it’s done!

Graphically the game looks like a blend of the last Wii outing and the more dynamic art style of Windwaker, which is still my personal favourite looking Zelda so far and which I wish had been adopted by the Zelda community.  Ho hum. The focus will be very much on the swordplay in this new game as swiping the Wimote with Wimotion Plus will make Link do the same on the screen and pointing you sword skywards will make it charge up to do a power attack. And yes every time I do it I will be screaming “By the power of greyskull”

Metroid: Other M/ Wii

Samus Arun returns for what is looking like being possibly her best adventure yet. Metroid: Other M is set to tell the story of our heroin in the deepest and most emotional Metroid yet as we find out what drives her to be a bounty hunter and really explore her character.

Jointly developed between Yoshio Sakamoto, the director of the original Super Metroid and Team Ninja, of Ninja Gaiden fame, Metroid: Other M looks to take the series in new directions with a blend of 1st, and 3rd person action as well as what appear to be 2D platform sections. Added to the new deeper and complex storyline we could really be looking at a modern classic here even though some are already screaming that it is going to be very un-metroid-like. We are holding out high hopes that the dev team will deliver!

Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Making its very long awaited return is Nintendo’s loveable Kirby character. Not seen since the days of the N64 Kirby’s Epic Yarn looks to be yet another uniquely styled platformer from Nintendo.

Set in a world that has been created out of cloth and textiles Kirby embarks on an adventure unlike any other. The nature of the game world means that new gameplay elements have been introduced. Kirby himself is ever-changing in the game as he morphs from his usual form to a car, tank and submarine to name but few. The scenery is also interactive, pulling on loose strings or zips will open up new areas. Also you can move behind objects which buldge so you can see where you are.

It is these kind of new game ideas that we are always keen to champion at G4A!

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Back in the days when everyone thought the SNES was on its way out a new game came along that blew the minds of everyone that played it. Donkey Kong Country set the world alight with its stunning graphics and addictive gameplay. Now he is back in an adventure that is in keeping with the original but using the power of the Wii to produce a faithful update of this much-loved game.

Once again the game is set in a 2D plane but utilises a true 3D engine to create some awesome-looking levels that show what the Wii is graphically capable if in the right hands. It features al of the ideas that made the original such a success, from mine-carts to cannons and this time the game can be played two-player simultaneously!

Donkey Kong Country Returns is a game to really get excited about.


Okay so whilst there were other games for the Wii we all know it wasn’t that what had people clamouring around Nintendo’s stall at E3, the first hands-on experience for people on 3DS could not have gone any better for Nintendo. Everyone was in agreement that the machine was truly ground-breaking with its full three dimensional graphics without the need for glasses.

However they have managed it, everybody was in agreement that Nintendo’s new handheld was the true star of the show and here is what the machine has to offer.

Graphics: Well yes it is 3D although it also has a slider on the right-hand-side that will control the amount of 3D effect the game has, slide it down and the game is 2D, all the way up and it is full 3D, simply amazing. The graphical capabilities are being likened to that of Wii and Gamecube so a pretty powerful little gadget eh?

Gadgets: Speaking of gadgets the 3DS features an analogue thumb-stick which is a first for a Nintendo handheld. However the best gadget by far on the console is the two neatly positioned cameras on the back that allow for the taking of 3D photographs!!

Games: Obviously any console no matter what innovations or power, lives or dies by its game catalogue but luckily Nintendo do not only have a pool of 1st party titles lined up but they have also have a large group of 3rd party developers clamouring to try out their skills in this new dimension. Apart from the return of Nintendo legend in Kid Icarus: Uprising, the big N also have confirmed Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Star Fox 64, Animal Crossing, Pilot Wings and Nintendogs+Cats depending on how many are remakes and how many are new titles this could be the best line-up of first party software on any console ever.

In the past Nintendo have suffered with lack of 3rd party support but not any more! 3DS will be boasting an impressive horde of games including this little lot Resident Evil Revelations, Super Street Fighter IV, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D “The Naked Sample”, The Sims 3, Kingdom Hearts, New Professor Layton, Dead Or Alive, Ridge Racer, Final Fantasy, Ninja Gaiden, Ghost Recon and Assassin’s Creed. An impressive collection indeed and with developers falling over themselves to try out how their games will look in 3D you can expect more and more to be announced.

All-in-all Nintendo had a very strong show with loads more 3rd party titles for Wii that we have not even mentioned but will of course be highlighting in the coming months and as soon as there is a 3DS in the country we will pretend we are important enough to tag along to Nintendo and bring you our personal views on how good it really is!

Pilot Wings
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