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Posted by drew10 on Jun 1, 2010
Feature: Racing Games

Feature: Racing Games

Mario Kart Wii - It's the Daddy!

This month has seen a plethora of new racing games emerge. Mod Nation Racers, Blur, Split Second and Things on Wheels on XBLA as well as Anarchy: Rush Hour on PSN. To be honest most of these games a good in their own right but most take their cue from Mario Kart and barely hide their affections towards the daddy of racing games.

Whilst we know some of you out there will prefer the likes of Gran Turismo or Forza but the games we have seen recently owe more Nintendo’s masterpiece than they would care to admit. In fact the advert for Blur even tips its hat to Mario Kart saying it is now time for grown-up racing, suggesting

Blur-ing the lines between real Life and Karting

that the Mario characters would prefer to be in the Blur world! We are not sure Mario would agree

Blur tries to sell itself as a serious racer but scratch the shiny paintwork and underneath it is all too familiar. The power-ups and racing style all harp back to those loveable little Mario dudes despite what their PR would have you believe.

New PS3 kart game, ModNation Racers is so close to being Mario Kart that you can almost smell the mushrooms, yet its track editor and gorgeous visuals stand it aside. The one thing you can say about any racing game is that there are never enough tracks, ModNation Racers should provide a near infinite library of user

ModNation Racers – Not a Vesper in sight.

created tracks to choose from. Whether the game-play stands up to Nintendo’s master will be revealed in the review that will be posted tomorrow.

Anarchy: Rush Hour is a strange game that tries to compress loads of ideas from other games in its genre like Burnout, Flatout and Midnight Club and it tries to squeeze all these traits into one game. It kind of fails but considering its price-tag of £5.49 it has well over 10 hours gameplay and is a decent racing game that is well worth a look.

Anarchy: Rush Hour - Freshly Squeezed Racing

Split Second from Disney looks great and has some brilliant ideas but for some reason feels soulless and lacks any real character that you can grow to love. Admittedly there are some nice set pieces and great track design and yes, buildings falling and giant planes crashing on your enemies is cool for a while but it soon gets tired.

Just recently the demo for XBLA title Things On Wheels was released. This game also has a heavy leaning towards Mario Kart and has some very interesting art style and track design. Definitely a good game especially as a XBLA and also features elements from classic racing game Micro

Split Second – Timing isnt everything!

Machines and this got us thinking, what happened to the Micro Machines series?

And the more we thought about it the more we realised that we wanted it back. Imagine a new version of Micro Machines V3 or even a compendium featuring all of the tracks in all of the games, only with all of the spit and polish of the modern consoles HD capabilities and up to 8-player online races!

With this in mind we have contacted Hasbro to ask them if there is any chance that this could ever happen, we have heard back from the PR rep in the UK who has forwarded it to Hasbro US. We will keep you posted!

Things On Wheels - Micro Machines in 3D?

So really all of the racing games we have listed can try to distance themselves from Mario Kart but all of them owe their existence to Nintendo. Each and every one of them has their own merits and drawbacks and we think all of them will find fans among you.

As for us we are going to badger Hasbro until they release a new version of Micro Machines!

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