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Posted by moonhead on Jun 14, 2010
Feature: Why Cheat On Your Gamer Score?

Feature: Why Cheat On Your Gamer Score?

Cheaters and quitters online are bad enough but why on Earth would you cheat on your Gamerscore?

There are obviously different kinds of cheaters in games and some are not as bad as others. This coming from a man old enough to remember what ‘Pokes’ are. For those that are to young, Pokes were not part of Facebook but  little lines of programming added to old C64 and ZX Spectrum games that were mostly printed in magazines. Pokes would need to be typed in and once done gave unlimited lives or invincibility or had some other game changing effect. These kind of cheats added fun to what were mainly single player games and I don’t mind adding that games from this era were mostly granite-hard let alone rock hard and did not benefit from save points.

When I consider these kind of cheats it makes me realise that cheats should only be used to enhance single player games and not to gain an unnatural advantage in the multiplayer arena. One of my favourite game franchises of all time is also my favourite game for cheats and that is the GTA series. Once I had completed any of the GTA games I gained a huge amount extended fun and game-time using the cheats just to cause carnage by summoning up Tanks or extreme weather. You cannot use these cheats in the multiplayer part but that does not stop gamers finding other ways of cheating here too.

What I really cannot understand is why anyone would want to cheat at all with their gamer score. I am not going to name and shame him completely as that would be unfair but last night I found that my 12-year-old nephew had managed to boost up his Xbox Live Gamerscore to over 35,000. Prior to this week it was way back down at below 10,000. I have not managed  to speak with him but did message him to say I was disgusted that he had done this and could not understand the point behind it. He cheekily messaged back claiming that he had not cheated and that he was just a very good gamer, well he has patently cheated and to be honest he isn’t a very good gamer. How do  I know he has cheated? Well for one, none of the games he has maxed out the achievements on have the date stamp that comes with every achievement you actually get legitimately and secondly he has maxed out both Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero 3 and he cannot even beat  the games on medium let alone the harder levels you need to complete to gain quite a few of the achievements.

Why would you even bother though? Does he think that cheating his Gamerscore makes him look a better gamer. If so he is deluded as Gamerscore is definitely not a good barometer for how good a gamer you are. I have beaten many a player with a GS of over 100,000 and had my flabby old arse handed to me on a plate by players who have had less than a 1000. All a very high GS indicates is how much time and dedication you have to give your chosen hobby or in some others cases, like my nephew, how much of a cheat you are. Some achievements however do need real skill and ability to attain and those that achieve these without cheating deserve all the Kudos that comes with it.

What makes it worse is that it is also blatantly obvious when somebody has cheated unless of course they restrict their profile so you cannot see what games they have played but this again is just a dead give-away so what exactly are they getting out of it? I have never got into this whole willy waving contest about Gamer Score in the first place, being that I have only ever gamed for fun, or to inform you lovely lot about what is worth splashing your hard-earned on.

I’m not saying I like loosing, who does? But in the end its the taking part and enjoyment that counts. I have however over the last 12 – 18 months have fallen out of love with the online side of games and is down to a couple of things. Firstly things have become very samey, by this I mean different game but same modes and game types equals boredom for me. Then add-on the constant barrage of cheaters, glitchers and quitters and it is just not the same anymore. When I started my online gaming life back in the days of the old Xbox half the fun was meeting new gamers from all over the globe in games like Project Gotham 2, Halo 2 and Links 2004 there was hardly any cheating just a lot of good old-fashioned competitive fun. Now though unless you play strictly with friends, games are constantly spoilt by cheats, glitchers and quitters.

I have proper had enough of them and I for one will now be reporting anyone I found to be a cheat via Microsoft’s feedback system. Obviously I cannot do this to my nephew as he is family but I will be doing my hardest to make him see the error of his ways. I would also hope that all you G4A readers out there do the same.

Have you experienced this? If so leave a comment and expose anyone you know to be a cheat!!

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  1. Liam says:

    The worst game for cheaters in my experience is Modern Warfare2. It has become like the arms race with people cheating because others cheat. This is madness. I hadn’t played Modern Warfare2 since getting Bad Company2 so traded it with a friend for Super Street Fighter4. Although I havn’t encountered any cheaters on that, quitting when losing is rife. So much so that I rarely play it online anymore. Maybe I have been unlucky.

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