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Posted by drew10 on Sep 15, 2010
A G4A Exclusive!!! Alien Breed: Assault

A G4A Exclusive!!! Alien Breed: Assault

Wanna Breed Some More?

Following on from our review of the excellent Alien Breed: Impact for PSN comes some exclusive news concerning the follow-up DLC for the game. The second in the episodic instalments, called Alien Breed: Assault is to be released for XBLA and Steam.

Assault is scheduled for release sometime later this month and will feature an all new game mode for either single or co-op called Survivor. As the name suggests the object of the game is simply to survive as long as you can against wave after wave of alien fiends. Played over three maps and with online leader-boards Team 17 are hoping that Survivor will add a new dimension to the overall package.

Remember where you read it first!!

When we have a firm release date for Alien Breed: Assault we will let you know.

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