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Posted by moonhead on Sep 22, 2010
Review: Dead Rising 2: Case Zero / Xbox 360 / Capcom

Review: Dead Rising 2: Case Zero / Xbox 360 / Capcom

Capcom’s undead are back at it again.

How have the rotting dead walking corpses that are zombies become so bloody cool? Well we don’t have an answer for it but what we do know is that Capcom know their stuff when it comes to brain-eaters. With the impending release of Dead Rising 2 looming large on the horizon they have decided to unleash this prologue to the events in the all new Zombie smashing sequel. Available exclusively on the Xbox Live for 400 Microsoft points (approx. £3.43). In essence though this is little more than a demo for the main game but one you are paying for so our questions are, is it worth it and how is the sequel to one of our favourite ever Xbox 360 games shaping up.

Well for starters you are getting a short story set two years after the events of Dead Rising and three years before the sequel. The new main man is Chuck Greene a motor cross racer who is looking after his daughter Katie. Katie has been bitten by the zombies and needs daily doses of the Zombrex drug to stop her becoming a literal ankle biter. Whilst on your way to take part in new reality TV series “Terror Is Reality” you stop to fill up your pick-up truck only to have it stolen along with your supply of Zombrex leaving you and Katie stranded in a little Zombie-infested hick town.

Obviously your first issue is to obtain the Zombrex for poor little Katie before 20:00 PM then find a means of escaping the town before the army show up to wipe little Hicksville off the planet.

Graphically the game looks only a little better than the original Dead Rising. It’s all a little smoother with no frame-rate issues even when there are hundreds of Zombies filling the screen. Equally there are no issues with the sound. The effects of Zombies being mashed to a pulp sound suitably squelchy. The voice acting is, as in the last game, purposefully cheesy, over the top and exactly what a game like this needs. I mean come on you cannot have serious scripting and voice acting whilst rampaging through a Zombie horde with a massive Moose-head on can you now?

In terms of gameplay little has changed over the first game. It’s still an open world sandbox game where the fun is using all manner of items to kill Zombies and it is as much fun as ever. One major gripe from the first game had been the save system which was more than a little awkward. But here in this sequel you can save the game at will from any of the plentiful rest rooms to be found so that’s been sorted. Also the rather annoying poor survivor AI from the first game is much better, making it a breeze to save the various survivors around the game world.

The mission structure is the same with you using your watch to set markers for your current aim. When pulling up the watch screen it shows all current goals and how long you have before they expire.

The only real brand new gameplay mechanic is Chuck’s ability as a mechanic come handyman. This means he can take various objects in the game world and at a workbench turn them into new weapons of death-dealing wonderment. One example of this is combining a “Kayak Paddle” with chainsaws and you get the “Paddle Saw” and yes the weapon is as fun to use as it sounds, literally allowing you row your way through the Zombie horde severing limbs everywhere. There are several combinations to be found in Case Zero but only items marked with a blue spanner will work and even then only certain combinations of items will work. Some of the combinations are obscure but they are always fun and in some circumstances there is only one of the required items to be found within the game world. These weapons replace the photography system of gaining PP from the first game. So when killing zombies with these combined weapons you get extra PP which is like XP and is needed to improve your death-dealing abilities. You can only get up to level 5 PP in this game but you can take that level with you in to the sequel upon its release.

The only thing wrong with Dead Rising: Case Zero is that it does not link the past events of the previous game and that new protagonist Chuck Greene is not as enigmatic as Frank West, the previous games lead. It is also short in terms of play length at around two hours. But this is somewhat negated by the need for at least three or four play-throughs to see everything the game has to offer, including the best of five endings which is nigh  on impossible on your first play through.

Another issue leaves us wondering if Capcom have shown all the impending sequels hand to soon and that there will be nothing new in gameplay terms upon its release. We will find that out come the 24th September and obviously we will try to get a review to you guys out there ASAP.

So in all we here at G4a would heartily recommend Dead Rising: Case Zero. This little preview is just so much fun that it is has me seriously excited at the prospect of the sequel. Also, if this kind of prologue release was an experiment by Capcom on a new way of doing game previews then it has been a success as unlike most demo’s this is more than worth your time and repeated play-throughs.

Rating 8 / 10

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