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Posted by moonhead on Sep 23, 2010
Review: Playstation Move

Review: Playstation Move

The Playstation 3 does a Wii.

Four years into its life and Sony’s Playstation 3 has decided to get moving with its own spin on motion control. Following Nintendo’s huge success and market domination including new areas and social demographics for video games it is no wonder Sony wanted some of the action. But is the new control scheme any better than Nintendo’s set up or is just a poor-mans copy.

So let’s get down to it and tell you exactly what the new controller is and what’s out there to play at the moment. First up the new move controller will only work with the Playstation Eye camera. You can buy a bundle with a Move controller, the camera and a demo disk with various game demo’s to try. This bundle will set you back about £49.99 but if you already own the camera a standalone Move controller is around £34.99 (all the demo’s for Move are available to download from PSN, so you will not miss out). Also you can buy the Playstation Navigation Controller  for around £24.99 this is optional though and your current Dual Shock 3 controller can be used to cover the functions of it.

Upon holding the Move you suddenly realise why all the comparisons being made with regards to the Wii. It looks very similar, but it feels much sleeker than Nintendo’s counterpart. With its rounded design and rubber bulb on the end it does look very much like a sex toy, a butt plug to be precise. Lets cover off all the buttons, underneath you have the T-button which is like the R2 and L2 trigger buttons on the current Dual Shock 3’s. On the front fascia in the centre you have the large Move button and surrounding you have small versions of the Dual Shock 3’s standard symbol buttons (Triangle, Circle, Square and X). Underneath these is the PS Home button and rather awkwardly on either side are the Start and Select buttons.

The Navigation controller is a little like the Wii Nunchuck but is wireless. It has an analogue stick on top along with little versions of the X and Circle symbol buttons. On the end underneath it has  the L1 and L2 buttons plus in the middle on top the PS home button. Again it is a sleek feeling bit of kit and to keep the sex toy theme going it’s shaped like a little vibrator (it even rumbles ladies). The navigator controller has no motion tracking or movement capabilities it’s  just like half a Dual Shock 3 and a mini one at that.

So how does this new gizmo work. Well much like the Wii-mote the Playstation move has a tilt sensor inside of it in fact it has 2 allowing it to read different planes of movement very accurately indeed. What really differentiates from the Wii is the rubber plastic bulb thing on the end of the move. This allows the Playstation Eye to track the controller very accurately, allowing for true 1-1 movement with little or no lag time.  Cleverly the bulb will change colour depending on the lighting and colour of its surroundings ensuring that the Playstation Eye can see the Move controller no matter the lighting conditions.

So how does it feel to use. Well first up before we get to any games it’s a real joy to just use the controller to navigate through the XMB. Pull the T button and little tilts left and right or up and down, will take you up down or across the XMB. At first it takes a little getting used to but after a couple of minutes it all becomes second nature and an oddly liberating experience it’s all very Minority Report feeling. You don’t even need to have the camera on here for this to work.

A new controller is only as good as the games it is designed to control so now we move on to the numerous demo titles released with Move. The bad news is that the majority of the games on the demo disk are not up to the same high standard to that of the controller. Some do highlight Moves superior motion sensing capabilities but they are just not very good games. The games included on the disk and also available for download from PSN are Sports Champions, Start the Party, Kung Fu Rider, TV Superstars, The Shoot, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Beat Sketcher, Eye Pet: Move Edition, Heavy Rain: Move Edition and Tumble. Heavy Rain, Tiger Woods and Eye Pet are downloadable upgrades so if you own these you will be able to get the Move capability from PSN for the princely sum of nothing. Let’s give you a quick breakdown of each demo and what they are like.

Sports Champions is first up and is the only game we have played the full version of. It is very much Move’s answer to Wii Sports Resort but obviously with better HD graphics. There are six sports which include Gladiator, Table Tennis, Bocce (Boules), Beach Volley Ball, Archery and Frisbee Golf. Like the original Wii Sports game it does a very good job of highlighting Moves capabilities but has little in the way of options or extra game modes. And unlike Nintendo’s game it has little in the way of personality with the sports men and women now being the usual generic national stereotypes rather than Mii’s. This said Table Tennis, Gladiator, Archery and Frisbee Golf all play better than their Nintendo counterparts, showing off Moves greater motion tracking capabilities to good effect. A full review is coming tomorrow.

Start The Party is by the same developer that made the original motion game all the way back on PS2 with  the Eyetoy and it shows. Start The Party is a collection of silly mini-games. There are two mini-games on the demo disc, a Fly swatting thing and a drawing one. Both are rubbish so we will not rush out to buy this launch day title. In fact the only improvement over the old Eyetoy games is the accuracy of Move itself and putting the object there in your hand and on-screen.

Kung Fu Rider is a ridiculous game that has you supposedly racing on office chairs downhill trying to escape some people. It sounds kind of fun and easy but in reality is not. The controls just don’t work and I have no idea how this rubbish slipped past Sony’s quality control. Avoid this rubbish at all costs. This is one of Move’s launch titles.

TV Superstars is yet another collection of mini-games this time themed around TV shows. You create your own character via photographs taken with  the Playstation Eye and give it a motto via the cameras mic and away you go. There are two mini-games on the demo and both are awful! One is a fashion catwalk game that has you waving the controller around copying symbols shown on-screen. The second is some quiz-show thing that has you running on a wheel jumping objects. They are as rubbish as they sound and hopefully as this title is not out yet Sony think better of actually releasing it but somehow we doubt it.

The Shoot demo was far and away the most enjoyable. It is a light gun game that revolves the shooting of films, see what they did with the title hey? Bright vibrant graphics, accurate controls and a tongue in cheek sense of humour make it all  rather enjoyable. It puts us in mind of one of our favourite and forgotten light gun shooters Point Blank. Whether it will be able to sustain the fun for the duration once the full title is out we are not sure, but we will definitely be keeping an eye on it.

Beat Sketcher is a downloadable title from PSN. It  is a paint studio thing allowing you paint pictures over the canvas that is your living room and alter things. There are also musical challenges that have you drawing by following a guide line on-screen with music being added with your brush strokes . In the demo though you only have limited access to the paint studio portion of the game so we have no clue if they are any good but so far it feels very limited.

Tumble is another PSN title and is a little like Wii puzzler Boom Blox and favourite cheesy party game Jenga. The idea is to build up towers of blocks made up of different sizes and properties. It’s all rather entertaining and shows off the accuracy of Move to great effect. We will definitely be downloading the full version to give it a more thorough play.

The demo for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 is just an unmitigated disaster. The controls just do not work. There is no accuracy in relation to what happens on-screen and the game becomes a major chore. If you were planning on buying a Move and or Tiger Woods for the motion control then don’t. There is one saving grace and that is the fact when EA made Tiger Woods compatible with the Wii Motion plus add-on it was terrible but the following year they nailed it so here’s hoping for a similar experience.

Next up is the Heavy Rain Move: Edition demo. This demo is exactly the same one that was released via PSN before the game was released in full. Heavy Rain was one of our favourite games released last year even though we keenly debated its merits we still all agreed that it was a great game. It’s a strange experience operating the gestures and movements with Move rather than the pad and while it works perfectly well I’m not sure it adds anything to the gameplay. In fact with light ball on the end of Move I actually think if anything it detracts from the immersion of the experience.

I already own and have reviewed the original Eye Pet which you can read here. This meant I had the full access to the full game. I am  not going to write a full review again as it is wholly similar. One thing I would say is that the Move has all but eliminated the problems when trying to interact with your on-screen pet. My little Princess Ellie is absolutely thrilled with it  and has once again hijacked my PS3.

So that’s all the demos of games out-of-the-way and it has all left me feeling a little underwhelmed by Move but it is early days and there is definitely some promise on show. A promise that will only come with decent games and there are some big ones incoming Killzone 3 and Socom 4 to name but two.  It is definitely an improvement  on Nintendo’s tech but is definitely not the revolution Sony were claiming it to be. It is more of an evolution one where accuracy and placing  you in the game itself rather than simple gestures is the key. But at the moment Move is far from a must buy but it is highly likely to become so.

Rating 7.5/10

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