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Eurogamer Expo 2010 Part one!

Eurogamer Expo 2010 Part one!

Okay whilst it pains us to use another games website name in the title of this piece we went and here are our thoughts.

Firstly the event as a whole was a pretty major disappointment and whilst we have had hands-on time with titles yet to be released the amount of games on show was decidedly limited.

Another thing we definitely noted is that whilst the games industry is pushing hard for 3D everything, 3D gaming is crap! Yes the effect is interesting for a second or two, but soon the effect becomes old and even with the stupid looking specs on you will still see a double image. On top of this, the headache inducing visuals make actually concentrating on the game almost impossible. We also noted that Sony TV’s are not in any way as good for gaming as Samsung.

It was also nice to see that the games industry do not pander to racial stereotypes as the only black girls we saw working at the show were firmly entrenched on the Def Jam Rapstar stage!

Okay so that’s out-of-the-way what was actually on show, well you may notice below that nearly every game that was on display was a sequel. There were some great games though and below we will run you through some of the highlights as well as lowlights of the show. Below is part one and tomorrow we will continue with, surprise! Part two!

LittleBigPlanet 2

Yes the follow-up to sackboys first outing was there in playable form and yes it was excellent. The graphics are even better than the first game making this one of the best looking titles we have ever seen. But LBP2 is so much more, the new game modes make the game so in-depth that we reckon you will never discover everything you are able to do the title.

Your little characters now have grappling hooks that can be used to grab onto hard to reach places and also pull opponents out-of-the-way. And some levels have new tasks that need to be completed, like little sack-bots that need to be guided through the levels to safety.

We can’t wait for its release and was definitely our highlight of the show.


Motorstorm Apocalypse 3D

The latest sequel to the Motorstorm franchise sees the series borrow heavily from titles such as Blur and Split Second. For some inexplicable reason you have decided as the world is ending the best thing to do would be go for a race in your car. It is not what we would want to be doing we can promise you that! Cue, massive destructible environments, collapsing buildings and explosions galore.

Motorstorm Apocalypse is insane and hugely impressive. However, as we mentioned earlier, when playing it in 3D it becomes almost unplayable, it moves very fast and leaves you unable to tell where the track is going most of the time. We suggest the 2D version may be much better.


Gran Turismo 5

Yes it really does exist outside of magazines and screen-shots. We have played it and we can safely say it is looking awesome. However, the controls still felt a little spongy and we are hoping that this is just a case of sorting out the car setup or simply getting used to Gran Turismo all over again. Another thing we did notice was that the game did not feel particularly quick even when using the sports cars and certainly not when compared to the insanely fast Motorstorm. GT5 was also playable in 3D although the effect was not all that great! It is beautiful to look at and if all of the promises are delivered we are sure this could be the best driving simulator of all time.

Dead Space 2

EA’s sequel to the eerie space survival game is looking very good indeed. The new game features very polished visuals and thousands of ways to die. We bore witness to quite a few and can testify to them being pretty gruesome.

The updated graphics will add to the tension and terror even more that the first game and we are sure this will be a hit.


Gears Of War 3

The final instalment of Epic’s battle for human survival was playable in the over 18’s arena. However it was only playable in deathmatch mode so none of the story was revealed.

It looked very gorgeous and will undoubtedly be the best looking game in the trilogy by some margin. We would have liked to have seen some of the single-player game if only in a trailer but alas it was not to be!


Killzone 3

The third chapter of the game Sony had hoped would rival Halo was also in playable form. Again only deathmatch was playable and only in 3D but Killzone 3 did look mightily impressive. If they can add some deeper narrative and emotion to the story then it is possible Sony might have a game that could rival Halo, although if we are honest it remains unlikely.



Fallout: New Vegas

Another sequel here this time from Bethesda Softworks. Fallout: New Vegas or Fallout 3.5 as we like to call it is scheduled for release later this month. Taking everything that was excellent from Fallout 3 and adding loads more Fallout: New Vegas is shaping up to be a real corker. Graphically, the game is slightly sharper with more detail than its predecessor but as far as we could tell very little else has changed. Still don’t fix what ain’t broke!



Crysis 2

When Crysis hit PC’s every PC owner screamed how consoles could not run the CryEngine. Well now Crysis 2 is due for release on consoles and whilst looking very nice failed to really stand out amongst some of the other titles it was surrounded by.

This is by no means to say the game did not look very good, it surely did but we were not as blown away by it as we perhaps expected to be.



A game that did impress was Bulletstorm created by Epic Studios and most likely the game that will take over once Gears 3 is done and dusted. A FPS with some neat twists such as special powers that seem very similar to plasmids Bulletstorm looks fantastic and it is definitely one we will be keeping a close eye on.



So that brings to a close the first part of our Expo round-up tomorrow we feature the latest games on Wii as well as a look at Kinect and more games like Dead Nation, Pixel Junk Shooter 2, Brink, Def Jam Rapstar and more.

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  1. NUFCRULE - Liam says:

    enjoyed the day there, loved playing the new games, stand outs for me though being Motorstorm (looked better in 2D) and of course LittleBigPlanet 2! the grappling hooks was so fun and i really felt the competetive feel when ‘racing’ in that level with the bounce pads, you beat me in that i think, but…

    NUFCRULE (Newcastle) 4 – 1 Drew10 (Arsenal)

    you were destroyed drew, andy carroll was too good for you!

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