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Posted by drew10 on Nov 25, 2010
Review: Costume Quest – Double Fine Studios/THQ -PSN

Review: Costume Quest – Double Fine Studios/THQ -PSN

Don’t Let Fear Costume You

We were meant to have reviewed this game in time for Halloween but in true G4A style it happened to coincide with the shut down whilst we built the new site.

Tim Schafer the brains behind classics like Psychonauts and Grimm Fandango and his new studio Double Fine Studios bring us this little download gem.

Costume Quest is a curious and charming little game with a unique art styling. Set in a sleepy suburban neighbourhood on Halloween Costume Quest introduces you to the main two protagonists Wren and Reynold. The twins, one girl and one boy are about to set off on a trick or teat session around the neighbours houses. You can chose which character you control at this point. Dressed in cardboard magical costumes, one of the twins (The one you are not controlling) is captured by a monster in the first house visited. Cue role-playing adventure to rescue the twin and save Halloween from an evil witch.

Gameplay in Costume Quest is simplistic and easily accessible to younger gamers but even at the ripe old age of thirty-seven this game still kept me entertained till its conclusion. The basic premise is to go around the neighbourhood collecting as much candy as possible. To do this you knock on the doors of the houses and if a human answers the door they will give you candy or, sometimes, items. However if a monster should answer the door then the game switches to a RPG style turn-based battle. This is where your costumes come to life and instead of small cardboard costumes they magically turn into giant warriors.

There are up to ten different costumes that you can acquire by obtaining designs and materials. Each has there own special abilities some of which can be used in the main game-world. For example the Robot has wheels which can be used to travel rapidly around the game-world. Other characters include a pumpkin, a unicorn and even a fire-shooting Statue of Liberty. It is about now that you realise that Costume Quest does not take itself too seriously.

The character interactions in the game are all text based, which has its up and down sides. The down side is that you have to read everything in the game and some of the text is a little too small and can be difficult to read. The major upside is that the comedy, of which there is plenty is not ruined by awful hammed-up voice acting.

As the game progresses you pick up another couple of friends who join your party and you are able to share the costumes between them to get your preferred warriors.

You will also have to fight a variety of monsters and bosses including the rather excellent ‘Metxel the Excavator’ which is basically a goblin on a bulldozer!

As mentioned earlier the visuals in costume quest are superb with a fantastic cartoon style that really adds to the games charm. The characters are lovingly designed and the game-world is bright quirky and colourful.

Costume Quest moves through various scenarios from the neighbourhood to a spooky mall and a carnival. Each plays in much the same way but the game never gets boring and the characters you meet will keep you entertained from start to end.

One drawback is that the game is pretty short but when you consider it costs a mere £8.99 then it is forgiveable. One thing for sure is that it is a real joy from beginning to end and well worth the price of anyone’s money. Some so called ‘hardcore’ gamers will find the game too easy or too babyish but those people are probably secretly scared of monsters.

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  1. Liam - NUFCRULE says:

    ”costume quest does not take itself too serioulsy”
    Isnt that the same with any Tim Schafer game? Didnt he do Brutal Legend aswell?

    Seems a pretty cool little title, i might try it out.

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