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Posted by The Game Badger on Dec 16, 2010
Alien Breed 3: Descent – Review – Team 17 – XBLA 360

Alien Breed 3: Descent – Review – Team 17 – XBLA 360

Throughout gaming history Team 17 have always brought arcade style games to a new level with intense action. This year has been no different and since October the Team 17 boys have been treating us to the remakes of  Amiga classic Alien Breed. After the first two instalments Alien Breed: Evolution (Impact on PSN) and Alien Breed 2: Assault, now comes the third instalment, Alien Breed 3: Descent. Descent’s storyline follows on directly from the second game and once again Team 17 have kept up the same gaming thrill as with the first two parts whilst gradually ramping up the ante with waves upon waves of aliens, plenty of bullet shells and Extra Terrestrial BBQ’s.

Returning as Theodore J. Conrad your mission is to find Mia, your cybernetic partner, and to stop the genetically obsessed Dr Klein from going Picasso on everyone. Sounds pretty straight forward doesn’t it? Well although still you are still on the Ghost Ship it is now plummeting towards the planet as its orbit deteriorates. Added to that major consideration is the scenery blowing up around you, fires burning all over, electrical surges, turrets that hate you and Aliens wanting to chew on your head.

Have no fear though for you wont be bug stomping with a wrench. As anyone who has played Alien Breed: Evolution and Alien Breed 2: Assault will know that as you travel you can search lockers and dead bodies for ‘Intex’ points (or as we here at G4A call it ‘Semtex Points’ ) these points can be exchanged at an ‘Intex’ terminal. ‘Intex’ terminals act like a shop and you can purchase Weapons, Ammunition, Items and upgrades such as rapid fire modules, increased damage and quick reload. Annoyingly though only one upgrade can be purchased for each weapon so choose wisely on how to effectively spray the area with your death-dealer. Whilst playing Descent you may adapt a game style of run and shoot and run some more to get through each area, but searching around can be lucrative and in some cases essential to passing the game.

One of the games levels will see you travel the metal tundra of the ships hull, it is a nice section where the action moves from the overhead isometric view to a third-person over the shoulder view. Unfortunately it is spoilt by a terribly awkward camera angle that could have been okay if you could control it to zoom it out rather than it being fixed. In all 3 episodes there has become somewhat of a Fable happening with the ever so loved ‘Nothing of Interest’ appearing frequently upon searches of lockers. It is one of the most pointless things in a game and we wonder why anyone would still use it?

As in Alien Breed 2, AB3: Descent has ‘Survivor’ mode which is pretty self-explanatory as you will need to survive waves of starving aliens with limited equipment. The ever so amazing co-op returns bringing your friends into the action s0 you can form a team of bad-ass space marines and say cool things like ‘Game Over Man!’ over and over until they punch you in the face. Some people have levelled the case against this trilogy as being too simplistic, however each one adds something new and all three have been class acts.

Alien Breed 3: Descent builds brilliantly throughout and brings the trilogy to an explosive climax. As an homage to the original and a fantastic series in its own right the Alien Breed Trilogy has been a massive hit with us. It is just a shame that it is now over. Still there are plenty of other Team 17 games we would like to see get a make-over. Are you listening boys?

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