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Posted by drew10 on Dec 31, 2010
Game of the year 2010 – Full Retail Titles

Game of the year 2010 – Full Retail Titles

Yes it is that time of the year again. The time when we look back on the releases we have all spent far too many hours in front of and decide which one will take the highly converted Game4Anything Game of The Year title. It is the one that all companies are after we assure you. 2010 has been a good year for G4A with the new site earning rave reviews from industry and readers alike. We have also grown in numbers this year with Eddie, Badger and Liam all joining the family. We have also shifted our focus slightly to bring you a more in-depth look at the world of PSN and XBLA whilst keeping you right-up-to-date with the biggest news and reviews as well. With that in mind this year we have two categories in this years G0TY awards. One for the full retail market and one for the online market as well. You can follow this link to the Download Game Chart.

Here is the run down of this years very best full retail titles.

10. Gran Turismo 5

Yes we waited six years for it, no it never lived up to the hype but yes according to our team it still rates as one of the top ten titles of the year. Controversial it may be but the enormous Polyphony Digital racer is still up there as a great game. We think that as they constantly iron out the graphical glitches and tighten the experience GT5 may get better and better. If not there is always GT6 in 2016!

9. Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Some may have expected this to be higher in the list. COD: Black Ops takes the series through differing conflicts in modern history. Whilst still not quite up to Infinity Wards high standards this is by far the best COD game by Treyarch so far. A good game but easily eclipsed by the seven titles above it.

8. Enslaved: Odyssey To The West

Criminally overlooked by a huge amount of the buying public this action adventure from Ninja Theory is a game that should be picked up in the sales if you have not already tried it. Escaping from slavery Monkey and Trip are the two characters that are linked, if she dies so do you. A nicely thought out adventure romp co-written by Alex Garland who wrote 28 days later with direction and acting from Andy Serkis, formally Golom from Lord of The Rings, now game actor extraordinaire. This stunning game is not without fault but should still be played at all costs.

7. Heavy Rain

Hotly anticipated and a unique experience, Heavy Rain was the thinking man’s/woman’s game of 2010. Featuring a gripping storyline following the story of a cast of characters as you try to figure out who the Origami Killer is. Featuring different endings that really don’t warrant multiple play-through’s and a slightly disappointing outcome Heavy Rain never quite lived up to its billing. It is, however still a great game.

6. God Of War 3

The final game in the God Of War Trilogy was something of a tour-de-force of the graphical power of the PS3. Some gruesome scenes and some on a scale that made your eyes bleed this final console outing for Kratos was certainly one of the PS3 highlights this year. Brilliant platforming blended with ferocious action and some massive set-pieces makes God Of War 3 high in our list of top titles for 2010.

5. Bayonetta

Just pipping God Of War 3 to the top five positions is a game of a similar ilk. Bayonetta came from nowhere and took the PS3 and Xbox by storm. Featuring eye-bleeding graphics and a very peculiar, very Japanese storyline, the game follows the tale of Bayonetta, a witch with guns. As the game progresses Bayonetta takes care of a child whom, the game suggests, is herself. Along the way she meets and fights some enormous and bizarre creatures. Fast and fun and simply insane.

4. Halo: Reach

The final Halo game made by Bungie and the prequel to the Halo trilogy. This time the game follows a group of Spartan Soldiers called Noble Team of which you are the newest member. The action is unrelenting as you try to defend planet Reach from attack. The game is the best so far in the Halo series and sets the scene for the start of the trilogy. It will be interesting to see what Bungie do next and what Microsoft do with Halo now.

Third Place Goes To

Super Mario Galaxy 2

The follow-up to 2008 Game of The Year, Mario Galaxy 2 was described by Moonhead in our review as perfecting perfection. The game offers even more gameplay modes and new ideas than we ever thought possible and shows that Nintendo still have it. If only they would produce games on a more frequent basis. Still Mario Galaxy 2 fought off stiff competition to take the third spot.

Runner Up

Mass Effect 2

The top two spots were hotly disputed between the G4A team and could have easily been reversed. However just beaten into second place was Mass Effect 2. The second game in the Mass Effect Trilogy saw Bioware up the ante in every respect. Bigger brighter and better was the order of the day with much more emphasis put on story and action and the RPG elements stripped right back. Whilst we felt that this dumbing down was a little too drastic it meant more concentration on the story elements of the game. A brilliant opening sequence and compelling narrative throughout this game really sets the tone for the final game in the series. We can’t wait for the final game.

The Game4Anything Retail Game Of The Year

Red Dead Redemption

So there you have it Game4Anything’s Game of The Year 2010 is Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption. The Western setting was a welcome distraction from gangsters and sci-fi/horror settings and set the atmosphere in the game apart from anything else around. You follow the story of John Marsten as he battles with the law to get his kidnapped family back by hunting down the members of his old gang. The world is huge and feels like a living breathing place populated by unscrupulous characters. The story is played out with Rockstar’s usual flair for narrative and brilliant acting and culminates in one of the best game endings ever. It may have been a long time coming but Red Dead Redemption was well and truly worth the wait and earns its place in Game4Anything history.

Well that wraps it up for another year 2010 has been good to us gamers but 2011 looks like it could be even better. We will be bringing you a preview of the best you can expect to see on your screens during the next twelve months soon.

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