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Posted by drew10 on Dec 9, 2010
Uncharted 3 – First Details Appear

Uncharted 3 – First Details Appear

Everyone has been waiting for it and now the world knows that 2011 will bring Nathan Drake back to our screens. Naughty Dog have announced the follow up to our 2009 Game of the Year Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The new game titled Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception is not all that far away from the rumours that went around the interweb that the title for the third game would be World Of Deceit.

Focusing on the relationship between Nathan and his mentor ‘Sully’ you can bet your arse there will be some killer one-liners included in this next game. Although there appears to be some interesting talk coming from Naughty Dog that the deception part of the title will play a big role in how the story pans out. Interesting!

Keeping in with the last two games Naughty Dog have once again brought in just enough real history to make their stories believable. This time Drake is searching for the the lost city of Iram of The Pillars which will take him though the Arabian Peninsula and the Rub’ al Khali Desert. Borrowing much from the lives of Sir Francis Drake, who is Nathan Drakes ancestor in the story and the early days of T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia.) when he was an archaeologist.

Amy Hening, creative director for Naughty Dog said in an interview with that setting the game in a desert locale created a huge challenge as, like water, sand is very difficult to recreate digitally. And co-president Evan Wells added ‘Yeah, that’s going to be really hard — let’s do it! We’re a bunch of nerds. We just look for something that will be a technical, artistic challenge, and allowed us to push into an area of the world and history we’ve never tapped into before.”

Naughty Dog are hoping to build on every aspect of Uncharted 2 especially the performances of their characters. To that end they have even set up their own motion capture studios. As we believe that the characters and acting in Uncharted 2 were the best yet seen in a game we are extremely excited by this prospect.

Of course one thing is for certain that if Naughty Dog can up the ante even more for the series, we could already know the title of 2011’s game of the year.

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  1. Liam says:

    OH MY GOD !
    November 1st 2011 !!!
    I cant wait!
    the trailer looks amazing!!!

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