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3DS – The Games: Part One – Nintendo

3DS – The Games: Part One – Nintendo

Yes the 3DS is almost upon us and we at G4A are really pant-wettingly excited about Nintendo’s new 3D marvel. Not only because we really like the idea of playing 3D games in a hand-held or the fact we hope it will spell the end of 3D with stupid glasses. No we are so excited because of the simply awesome line-up of games this little machine will have available over the launch window.

Today we look at the official first party games that have been announced although Nintendo are yet to confirm which ones will be available during the launch cycle.

Animal Crossing 3DSAnimal Crossing is a firm favourite of Nintendo fans. You now play as the towns Mayor and need to find ways to make the town a better place for the residents to live. Obviously the 3D effect will add depth to the gameplay and the graphics are generally regarded as being better than the Wii version of the game.

Kid Icarus Uprising – A 3DS game without the characters 3 and D in the title? Well Kid Icarus: Uprising has been in mothballs at Nintendo for some nineteen years since the last game  Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters. You once again take the role of Pit as he battles against Medusa. The game will feature both air and ground based combat and is looking prettier than Moonhead in drag! The 3D effect has been described as stunning and looking at the quality of the visuals we can be sure this is one we will be hunting down once we get our hands on the machine.

Mario Kart 3DS – Okay calm down, yes it is a new Mario Kart and yes it is in 3D. Mario Kart is without a doubt the all-time daddy of racing games and still one of our favourite games ever. Details have been very scarce so far but Shigeru Miyamoto has claimed the 3D allows you to see the games objects better. We can’t wait.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – Widely regarded as the best Zelda game of the series Ocarina of Time gets the dust blown off it and is given a shiny new 3D make-over. Again a complete remake of the original but with updated visuals and some new gameplay elements, including being able quickly equip items using the touchscreen and the handheld’s built in gyroscope to aim precisely in first-person mode. Apparently this makes that annoying bit where you have to constantly take your boots on and off in The Water Temple much more tolerable.

Paper Mario 3DS – A game that will really benefit from the new hardware technology is Paper Mario. The gameplay on the Wii version already utilises the difference between 3D visuals and the 2D plane on which most of the game is played. Now with the added effects of the 3DS you can be sure that Nintendo will be adding extra gameplay elements.

Nintendogs + Cats – Nintendo’s first game that opened its eyes to a whole heap of cash. Yes Nintedogs launched the casual gamer and thus the DS into the mainstream. Now you can do it all over again with the added addition of 3D and cats as well. Apparently the 3D dog poo is ultra-realistic! Okay we made that up.

Pilot Wings Resort – Based on the fictional Wuhu island (Where Wii Fit and Wii Sports Resort were set) Pilot Wings Resort is the first 3DS game to feature Mii support. It makes sense as the island is supposedly the place where Mii’s hang out. Featuring classic Pilot Wings gameplay including plane and rocket pack missions this is one that will surely bring a nostalgic tear to the eye of any gamers old enough to remember the series. That’s anyone as old as us who haven’t killed their braincells with beer.

Star Fox 64 3D – The first in our list that is a direct remake of a classic. Star Fox 64 3D is, as the title suggests the classic N64 game remade with updated visuals and of course 3D. It feels a little like shovelware to us to bolster the launch line-ups, as are the other N64 remakes but still these were quality games that younger players will now get a chance to enjoy. Not enough people played these games the first time round so maybe now they will get the recognition they deserve.

Steel Diver – Try as we might we can find very little information about this game other than it is a side-scrolling submarine game that Miyamoto described as “almost like you have your own submarine pet in an aquarium”. It is an original ip from Nintendo which is something to always be welcomed and of course as soon as we get more information about it so will you.

In all a pretty impressive line-up for the little machine and looking at the screens, owners will be in for a real treat. Not only is the 3DS a powerful little bugger but it’s feature set is truly unique. We want one well actually we want one each.

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