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Posted by drew10 on Jan 19, 2011
Got Any Spare Parts?

Got Any Spare Parts?

EA Bright Light will soon be bringing its robot based action adventure Spare Parts to PSN and XBLA.

You play the erm, parts of robots Mar-T and Chip. These two robots find themselves dumped on a strange planet amongst a load of rubbish. The game will be heavily focused on co-op play (either local or online), as you will need to guide the mechanical duo in their quest to repair an abandoned spaceship and escape the planet. Of course things are not quite that straight forward as the evil Lord Krung is determined to destroy you.

During the search for the parts needed for the spaceship you will also find upgrades for your robots like Rocket Boots that will aid you in your quest. Your new abilities will help you to rescue other stranded robots, and battle countless enemies including the relentless Krofax troopers, hostile spider monkeys and even a Super Huge Mega Laser, apparently.

EA have really gone all out on this and it is looking very good indeed. They have even hired the vocal talents of Simon Pegg who will be voicing the supercomputer guide and companion Con-rad.

No firm release date has yet been set but expect it in the next few weeks.

Here is the trailer for you lovely people!

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