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Posted by drew10 on Jan 24, 2011

News – Cannon Fodder Returns!

War has not been so much fun since we last saw Cannon Fodder on our screens. Now Russian developers GFI who have had their hands in Splinter Cell: Conviction and Rainbow Six: Vegas amongst others have decided to relaunch the series under licence from Codemasters.

We are not sure of too many details as yet but here is the official press release:
“Several military groups from Europe, Asia and Africa have created a military alliance to establish a joint dictatorship. Your goal is to stop them at any cost… Even with a price of thousands lives of soldiers named “cannon fodder”, who are ready to die anywhere and any time it’s needed.

You have command of a small army which consists of only “cannon fodder” soldiers, who are ready to rush in to fight with the enemy, sparing neither effort nor oneself. The player will have to pass several episodes full of cartoon violence among different locations, and the Earth is not the limit – it’s time to go into open space and show the enemy “who’s the daddy”.

You’ll get classic isometric environment in full 3D, weather effects, day/night cycles, destructible environments, accurate water physics. All this and more is promised.

Cannon Fodder 3 is currently under development for PC and Xbox 360 platforms under Codemasters’ license.”

Well despite us having to sort out some of the Rushglish that sounds pretty exciting to us.

Please, please get Jon Hare to do a new version of the theme tune!

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