Posted by drew10 on Jan 18, 2011
TNT Racers Explodes Onto Our Screens

TNT Racers Explodes Onto Our Screens

Upcoming dtp Entertainment and Keen Games title TNT Racers has us at G4A pretty excited. This multi-player racer reminds us of the late, great Micro Machines and couldn’t be more welcome at G4A towers if it came with a keg of free Guinness, well okay maybe a little more welcome.

Featuring a familiar isometric camera and up to four-player local or online play, this is a gameplay style we thought had been lost to the Mario Kart clone generation. The game includes 45 tracks and loads of fun weapons including Confetti Mines, Candy Cannons, Space Rockets and other powerful weapons to catapult opponents off the track or bounce them out using a Monster Car. Although coming first in the race is important, winning racers are those who create the most action, damage the most cars, pick up most points and finish the most laps. So maximum carnage is assured.

The game also features a unique playing style called shadow racing allowing players who have been eliminated to still cause havoc on the racetrack. Including still being able to affect the race and even having unique shadow weapons.

Those of you determined to get your online scores high on the leaderboard will be rewarded with more than just kudos as free game content including new cars, new tracks and achievements will also be your prize.

There sure seems to be a lot of game here for the price of £7.99 for PSN/XBLA and Wii-ware and only £6.29 on PSP.

The game is still scheduled for a Q1 release so we expect it sometime in the near future.

We will hopefully have a review soon but for now here is the trailer.

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