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Posted by drew10 on Mar 4, 2011
Get the latest top games for just £12.99!!

Get the latest top games for just £12.99!!

Every now and then a new idea emerges that makes us sit up and take notice. Ultra Gamer is one such idea. Coming from Game Connection a rather good site if you want to buy games anyway Ultra Gamer is a new service which allows you to pre-order the latest games and pay only £12.99 at time of release. Play the game for a four week period then at the end of the four weeks you can either return it and pay no more than your initial £12.99 or pay the £27 difference to keep the title. It’s simple and brilliant.

We wanted to know more about the thinking behind this fresh approach to games purchasing so we spoke to Steven Campbell from Game Connection to find out.


G4A: Is this a new service, if so how long has it been running?

SC: The idea was originally inspired by our time and experience with Game Connection. We found many customers where willing to pay full retail price for a title at launch, but a few weeks later would be phoning up and asking if they could trade the game in so they could afford the next big release. We thought that instead of paying full price, and then trading in and receiving back a small percentage of the initial cost, it would make more sense to only pay a small fee, on the basis that you would return the game within the next 4 weeks.


G4A: It certainly is a bold new approach how has it  been received so far?

SC: We have had great praise and really positive feedback from both customers and the industry. Customers have been loosing money for years, purchasing a title, completing it within a matter of weeks and then either leave it sitting on there shelf gathering dust, or trade it in for pennies at their local retailer. Now they have the chance to play all the latest releases and only pay £12.99 for each title. The Ultra Gamer scheme also helped Game Connection get nominated for ‘online retailer of the year’ by the much respected industry magazine MCV.


G4A: With certain games having relatively short play times are you concerned that you will have more games returned than taken up at full price?

SC: As a company, it is not an issue to us whether most people return the games or pay full price to keep them. We would actually prefer most customers to return the games as that shows us that they are using the scheme as we originally intended.


G4A: What happens to the games that are returned?

SC: Once a game is returned to us, we will then sell the used copy online via a completely different site, so customers can be sure that no used copies will be found on Ultra Gamer, only brand new and sealed, official UK PAL!


G4A: Do you have any other plans to expand the service?

SC: We are extremely impressed with the rate of growth Ultra Gamer has experienced in it’s first 8 months and hopefully we will continue to see more and more Ultra Gamers coming on board as the message spreads. We have some new and exciting features planned over the coming months so watch this space!


We think this new approach to the purchasing of games is something that the public have been waiting for. We have used the system already and the quality of the service is second to none. All games have arrived on day of release and there has been no quibble with the returns – as long as the game is in good condition. We heartily recommend you giving it a try!

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