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Posted by drew10 on Aug 4, 2011

Welcome to G4A 3.0-ish

Yes we are back (Again). After a lengthy lay off due to a trip to Brazil. It shouldn’t have been months but we were dared to lick some frogs and managed to lose about 3 months in the Amazon, I didn’t even see one book. Lying toads…. frogs… whatever.

Anyway, yes we are back and we are poor which got us thinking everyone is currently feeling the pinch of the current worldwide economic sate. Now whilst we could go on for days about the whys and wherefores of world politics, we would rather talk games. We have also come to the stark realisation that every dog and his er… mouse? Seems to be writing blogs about games these days. Now whilst we accept that these websites and blogs are far inferior to G4A, we also need to feel special (And not window-licking special. Not since the frogs wore off anyway.)

So now we are going to shift our focus to the Online market. Yes we will be concentrating on Xbox Live arcade, PSN and Wiiware. As far as we are concerned this is where a great deal of the innovation and originality is occurring these days anyway.

So there you have it G4A is now dedicated to XBLA, PSN and Wiiware and we will be bringing you all the best reviews and news regarding the games on these platforms.

Shhh, every now and then a major title might slip through.


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