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Posted by eddierichards on Sep 15, 2011
Eddie’s Wishlist

Eddie’s Wishlist

After several months away, due to money matters, troublesome pets, and my PSP being stolen, I am happy to report that I am back on the case! Do not fret – I’ve been keeping up-to-date with the world of gaming – and as such, I’ve been working on a list of ‘Must-have’ future releases. I also need to fill the void that the PSP’s theft left me with – though, if I’m honest, said void was felt long before it got nicked.

It should come as no surprise then that I’ve been eyeing up Nintendo’s 3DS, and Sony’s forthcoming Playstation Vita. I reckon I’ll be heading straight for the PSV once it’s released here in Europe next year.

I haven’t totally written off Nintendo’s handheld, though. Yet, as much as I love the company’s constant innovative leaps in gaming I can’t help but feel somewhat disheartened with the 3DS. Even after its recent HUGE price drop, 3D viewing has always been a novelty to me; a ‘One-hit wonder’ idea. I’ve never once regarded it as ‘The future of gaming’ – so to see Nintendo push a gaming system on – above all – its’ 3D merits – always worried me.

Then there are the games (or lack of). 3D rehashes of old classics I was playing up to 15 years ago are in the pipeline. Plus the likes of Tekken, and the already-released Super Street Fighter IV; games which, according to many, are better with the 3D option switched off.

I can’t help but be reminded of the Virtual Boy, and its failings. However, I’ll give the 3DS a chance, and see how things go for it in the New Year.

In the blue corner, the Vita looks very tasty, but it too worries me deeply. I cannot help but be impressed with its specs, the list of devs backing it and its PS3 connectivity features. However there are a number of details that I shudder to think about. For one thing, this little bugger is gonna need some serious battery so I really, really hope Sony is on the case. Vita game visuals will be on a par with those experienced on PS3, so the device will have a lot of work to do to keep animation, frame rates, etc. chugging along.

Then there is the matter of game saves, and memory capacity. Many PS3 game saves and installations I have eat up huge storage space. I’d say half average at 4 gigabytes – with GT5 clocking up 8. How much internal memory will there be in the Vita – and will there be several models which vary in memory size, like the PS3 (and iPhone, for that matter) before it? And memory cards; there’s talk of yet another new type of memory card/stick.


Nevertheless, I shall sit patiently, and keep an eye on how the PSV fares once it hits Japan later this year.

Need I mention my Beat-em-up excitemant this year? I await Street Fighter III: Third Strike – Online Edition – and have done so for a very long time and Street Fighter X Tekken is calling me, too. Two titles I’ll definitely be pre-ordering. Plus there is Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3! I did feel cheated after buying the original MvC3 when I heard about this update (and the third edition on the way, ‘Super MvC3’) – but I know I’ll buy them up fast, anyhow!

Tekken Tag Tornament HD (Part of the soon to be released Tekken Hybrid collection.) is a slightly different matter, as 1: Going backwards in fighting game series is awkward, as one often tries to perform moves which only exist in later sequels; 2: The new CG Tekken movie worries me more than the live-action attempt, after several laughable reviews; And 3: My only real interest in Hybrid is the inclusion of a Tekken Tag 2 demo – but I’m not sure I wanna buy Tekken Hybrid just for a demo – hopefully it’ll stand alone on PSN soon enough.

Anyway, moving on! I love the look of the new Driver game, as well as Wipeout: 2046. And whilst I’m one of the few who hasn’t gotten into the Uncharted series properly, the third instalment is seemingly on everyone’s lips, so that’s on my list, too. I might even check out WWE ’12.

So, there’s a lot out there (granted, all sequels) that have whetted my appetite, and a hell of a lot more besides. Here’s to a fruitful 4th quarter to 2011.


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