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Posted by drew10 on Sep 22, 2011
Gamefest 2011 – Part 2 – XBLA & PSN

Gamefest 2011 – Part 2 – XBLA & PSN

Keeping up our commitment to bringing you the best news and reviews for PSN and XBLA titles here is the second part to our run-down of the best of Gamefest 2011.

To be perfectly honest there wasn’t a great deal in terms of the online title. However, the ones that were there were of the highest order and for them it means we can get into them a little deeper and they get more column inches. The lucky things!




Pixel Junk Side Scroller

Our friends at PixelJunk have been busy again, bringing us more mayhem in their unique and well-honed style. This time they serve up PixelJunk SideScroller which is a colourful take on the side-scrolling classic shooters of old. Using their distinctive graphical style PJSS looks every bit as good as it plays.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and in that case PJSS unashamedly bats its lashes at retro classics like R-type and Gradius. It borrows ideas from them but still manages to feel fresh and has all the charm of PixelJunks previous Shooter games.

One thing is for certain, you wont breeze through SideScroller. True to its genre this game is hard and will prove a challenge to even the most ardent shoot-em-up fan.

There is no firm release date for SideScroller but we will have a review as soon as we can.


Renegade Ops – Sega

Sticking with the retro theme Sega bring us Renegade Ops. This top-down, vehicle-based shooter is straight out of Sega’s back catalogue yet laced with all the next-gen (Hmm I wonder when next-gen will start to mean next-gen, when does this become now-gen or even then-gen… never mind.) graphical trimmings.

Reminding us firmly of Desert Strike, there is not much here in the way of innovation but tons of old-skool classic gameplay. Your mission is to stop ‘Inferno’ a super-villain, terrorist and general naughty boy. You do this by piloting a variety of vehicles from armoured cars to helicopters. Your missions comprise of rescuing hostages and dropping them off in safe areas. I did mention the lack of originality right? To do this you need to drive or fly your way around the map pretty much shooting everything that gets in your way, or driving over it.

It is pure fun and the gameplay mechanics work a dream. If you concentrate hard enough you can almost here the sound of a 3.5″ disk loading, especially as the game saves icon is a picture of one.

Renegade Ops also offers 2-player split-screen or 4-player online co-op.

By the time we sober up and get this article out the playable demo should be up on PSN so what are you waiting for? A full review will be following shortly.


All Zombies Musty Die.

Double Six games are back and not content with burning countless zombies in their previous title Burn Zombie Burn, they now want to exterminate them all in All Zombies Must Die. AZMD is an accomplished shooter which tips its hat to 16-bit classics like Canon Fodder and Chaos Engine.

Of course everyone loves zombies and especially dispatching them in a variety of excellent ways. Luckily AZMD dishes up an impressive and hilarious arsenal of tools with which to do your mashing.

After having a substantial hands-on experience with the game I can tell you, I love it. 4-player local co-op is a blast and the variety of ways to kill zombies is superb. A scoreboard at the end of each level highlights the best and worst players, including who has committed the most friendly fire incidents. Should make for some arguments along the way. You can also steal or share ammo and food much like you could in Gauntlet. Double Six are not shy about where they have gained their inspiration from but that is not to say there isn’t also a great deal of innovation in here too.

Graphically it is bright and bold with tons of stuff going on at once. However this leads to the game being hard. Very hard. So hard in fact that Double Six maybe looking at lowering the level of difficulty so mere mortals can survive that little bit longer. Perhaps the single player game could be slightly easier but keeping the madness for when there are four of you is a must.

We will have more on this game with a more in-depth look as well as a review.



That Game Company (TGC), the team that brought us the excellent Flower return with another surreal and serene adventure in Journey. Utilising all the knowledge from Flower and FlOw before that, Journey is a sensory experience that marries a simple comntrol method with engaging gameplay.

Dropped in the middle of nowhere your Journey begins and you must find clues to uncover the history behind an ancient civilisation. To do this your interestingly designed character can walk, slide and even fly around the environments, collecting pieces of parchment that uncover the clues.

Apart from stunning graphics the serenity of the game induces emotions that few titles can replicate. What’s more the new online functions allow you to come across other players in the land with whom you can team up and work together.

Journey is looking and playing fantastic and although no release date is confirmed we will have a review as soon as we can.


So there you have it Gamesfest was a huge success for its first year. Keep it G4A as this week the team head to Eurogamer and will be bringing highlights from that including hands on time with Playstation Vita.


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