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Posted by eddierichards on Oct 5, 2011
Eddie gets let out of rehab for a day at Eurogamer Expo.

Eddie gets let out of rehab for a day at Eurogamer Expo.

My first gaming expo was a lot of fun. Wasn’t sure what I would make of it -but it was cool, and I felt like I was 19 again. Haven’t been around this many gamers since the days when I used to spend serious amounts of cash (and time) at Namco Wonderpark, and the Trocadero.

We got there pretty early, with the prior intention of nabbing a free Onlive console, which Liam will be reviewing very soon! Unfortunately the queues for that were insane, and there were only 700 units up for grabs when we arrived.

Slightly dejected, we moved on to the PS Vita area which was similarly crowded. A few waves of our VIP G4A passes later, we got to fly ahead of the queue, as the mere mortals give us funny looks. Oh well.

I got to try out Uncharted (I was SO hoping for ‘Streetfighter X Tekken‘, or ‘Wipeout 2048‘, on Sony’s wonder handheld but I was happy either way.) and was more than a bit confused at first! Getting to grips with the device was tricky; I’m not used to the right analogue stick being there! And (Especially with the face buttons being so small.) in the heat of battle, I kept tapping it thinking it was the ‘X’ button.

Tapping the touch-screen to do such things as scale walls, and fight enemies felt weird. I felt about that, the way I feel about 3D on my 3DS: It detracts from what I’m doing, adds to confusion and just doesn’t need to be there. I doubt I’d buy this version of Uncharted personally I’m not a fan of the series but if I do, I’ll definitely be sticking to the conventional controls.

Overall, after barely 5 minutes with it I was impressed with Vita and know I’ll buy one as soon as it is released. I just hope I can wipe the git down easily, when it’s caked in fingerprints.

I then headed for the Samsung area, where I got to try out some nifty 3D laptops. Bored after 2 minutes staring at a waterfall, I noticed the ‘World Cyber Games 2011’ tournaments, where two competitions were being held: one on FIFA ’11, and the other on Tekken 6. I went crazy. HAD to sign up, in G4A’s honour of course, nothing to do with the trip to Korea on offer.

I felt like I was in Namco Wonderpark again, and couldn’t wait to kick some ass.

After kicking and punching my way through the heats I manage to make it all the way to the final. Once there I was totally destroyed by ‘The Chef’ – a total Tekken nut (Even more than me!) who also used to show up at the Wonderpark, all those years ago. When he pulled a StreetFighter Arcade joystick out of his rucksack, I knew I was in trouble. Still I also could not stop laughing at him, and his ‘coach’ friend talking him up! Ah well – win or lose, I had a lot of fun.

Despite the disappointment of my defeat I picked myself up and headed to try out Trackmania on Kinect, using my eyes to control the car. They had a guy in a wheelchair there, helping promote it as a game for those without the use of limbs. Very admirable. It eventually worked after a good 15 minutes wait for the other host to calibrate settings, before asking someone else to do it. As groundbreaking and inspiring as it may be, I can safely say (Especially after having the chance to watch a grown man use Kinect for the first time earlier, whilst playing some dance game I couldn’t care less about.) I won’t be using Kinect again. “Next!”

I moved on to the ‘Over 18’ area. I wasn’t too bothered, and flew through it. I noticed huge crowds for Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, but I hold little excitement for both (MW3 mostly, after the last dismal effort.) and I’m happy to wait. Ninja Gaiden 3 got very little attention while I was there, and Tekken Hybrid (in the 18+ area?) was sat in total darkness. There were many games I missed (Such as Gears of War 3) but I wasn’t going to queue up for an insane amount of time for them.

After that, I took a peek at the very good-looking Starhawk, and couldn’t get over how pretty it is. Then I tried Shadow of The Collossus HD; having no idea where I was going, and getting seriously pissed off with the controls and the crazy clipping, where entire mountains would just suddenly appear. I soon gave up on it.

An early version of Ridge Racer: Unbounded was available. I tried it out, but I’m not sure what I think of it yet. I like that it’s different, the word EVERYONE used whilst playing or watching was ‘Burnout‘. At this early stage, the car handling was off, but it’s almost there. Overall, it looks great, but.. It’s not the “Riiiiiidge Racer!!!” I know and love.

I’m not a football game fan – at all. I only ever bought games during football tournaments, and the only football games I ever truly liked were Konami’s ISS games on the SNES and N64, and World Cup Italia ’90 on the Megadrive. So, seeing the latest editions of FIFA and Pro Evo did nothing for me. Hearing that players now fall over more convincingly does not give me a tent. Yeah – they both look great, but.. Meh.

WWE ’12 also left me a bit disinterested, but I liked what I saw, and did my best to ignore all the disastrous games in the series before it. It definitely looks the part, with very nice visuals – but I didn’t get to find out if the gameplay and A.I was any better than before.

I skipped past Sonic, Final Fantasy, and a few others, and headed for the 3DS area, where amongst a bunch of promising new games (Such as Mario Kart 7), Sky TV on the console was also being pitched.

From then on in, it was all about Uncharted 3 – which I must confess, looks really good – but then, everything did. A Multiplayer tournament was great fun to watch, and an audience with Nolan North (The voice of Nathan Drake.) was interesting; with the odd clip of Uncharted 3 being played on a giant screen. He talked about his experiences in gaming, from how much fun it is to play the part of Drake, to conversations with others who helped create the game.

Later on, I sat and played SFIV: Arcade Edition, on the Onlive box. I lost. It’s the controller’s fault! I hear you can use  a few other controllers for Onlive, so that’s cool. I like the idea of this ‘Cloud Gaming’ – but the games so far looked somewhat. Standard-looking. Not quite High-Def. Almost dusty. I guess it will improve over time, but either way, to not have tangible hardware in the home seems odd to me, still I’ll be keeping my eyes on Onlive.

And that’s pretty much all she wrote! I got to meet a knackered, and seemingly desperate to get home, life-size Mario. As well as ogle a bunch of hot girls in costume. And had a great day out! I look forward to the next one, and I’ll be ready to win the next fighting tournament! “Get ready for the next battle!”


(Editors Note: Eddies views are entirely his own and, thankfully, are not shared by the rest of us at G4A. Still he is pretty damn good at Tekken!)

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