Posted by drew10 on Nov 12, 2011
Gioteck HF-2 Bluetooth Controller for PS3

Gioteck HF-2 Bluetooth Controller for PS3

This is the first in a series of reviews for the new Gioteck range of peripherals for PS3 and Xbox 360. Today we take a look at the HF-2. This ergonomically designed controller is designed with FPS in mind.

I think most will agree the the official PS3 pad is pretty poor for FPS games with many preferring the 360 pad for these games. Well this is obviously something Gioteck looked at and decided that the PS3 deserved a pad similar to that of the 360. so here it is the catchy titled HF-2.

The first thing you notice about the HF-2 is the striking aesthetics, with the grey and black cammo design offset with vibrant reds. The layout of the pad is taken directly from the 360 pad with the offset thumb-sticks and positioning of the triggers and bumper buttons. The pad itself has what Gioteck describe as ‘tactile silk finish’ which, whilst being hard to describe, is actually very nice to hold.

Now I will be honest and say that I have never been much of a fan of third party pads, they have just always seemed to be more-than-a-bit poo, however this pad is different. Gioteck have really done their homework and produced a quality pad with some pretty impressive features.

Lets start with the most important, the sticks. It was always a feature in 3rd party pads that the response of the sticks was simply terrible, not here. The responsiveness and accuracy of the sticks in the HF-2 are superb. They are also very comfortable under the thumb, although the ridges could cause problems after extended play, but you do take the recommended 15 minute break for every hour of playing right? Right? You can also download a driver and use this to calibrate the sticks to your own personal sensitivity preference. This means you can finally have a controller that suits your own playing style. Other features include a ‘turbo’ function which enables user defined auto-fire and the ability to ‘flip’ the triggers and the slide of a switch. As with all pads though except Nintendo) the d-pad is pretty poor and should probably be avoided. Firmware updates of the pad will also be available via the Gioteck website, meaning any future revisions can be uploaded to your pad.

Now the HF-2 is sold on its ergonomics and unfortunately this is where it struggles. For me the grips feel slightly too far apart and the position of the trigger and bumpers seems a little odd. To be able to use the tips of your fingers comfortably you have to position your hand further down the grip. However this then requires a stretch to reach the triangle button with your thumb.  It could be just personal preference or hand size and of course and some may find the design fits perfectly in their hands.

The HF-2 retails for £29.99 although if you shop around you can pick it up for a mere £24.99 and for that money you get a great looking, feature rich and accurate alternative to the PS3 pad. If you are looking for a new pad and don’t want to stump up the ridiculous price for the official one this is certainly one of the best of the 3rd party pads out there.



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4 Responses to “Gioteck HF-2 Bluetooth Controller for PS3”

  1. Paul Delgado says:

    I own two HF-2’s myself, the two bumpers were designed on a pivot so you could simply press them with your second knuckles without removing your fingers from the triggers at all.

    • drew10 says:

      As I said I am sure it is just a personal preference thing. Personally I find them just a fraction to large, but in general as far as third party pads go they are very good indeed.

  2. Paul Delgado says:

    When you take into consideration that when you’re gaming, your thumbs are not directly in the middle of the analog sticks 100% of the time; the “nubs” that are on the sides allow for better precision when your thumbs are on the sides. Through my personal observation, I have come to the conclusion that the bumpers were designed to be pressed on the left and right edges, unlike Sony’s proprietary controllers.

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