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Posted by Liam on Nov 30, 2011
Nintendo 3DS firmware update delayed, available by December 8th

Nintendo 3DS firmware update delayed, available by December 8th

Nintendo have delayed their latest 3DS firmware update, originally due this November, to be released by December 8th. Announced by a brief message on Nintendo’s official website, they revealed the update is “in final stages of internal testing”.

Once released, the update will include a whole bunch of new features including the ability to record videos in 3D, support for download content and limited-play demos. A 3DS-to-3DS system transfer feature, a few new StreetPass games and sleep mode downloads. Nintendo also intends to launch a website version of its eShop allowing users to find content more easily, complete with QR codes for quick access to store when scanned by the 3DS itself.

Arguably these are features that should have been included on the 3DS from the beginning, but it’s nice to see Nintendo are working hard on the features consumers want to see. With so much consumer interest in the upcoming PlayStation handheld, The Vita, Nintendo need’s to get this update out as soon as possible.

Next step Nintendo; can we request games that are worth playing? And a few new IP’s wouldn’t hurt… Mario can only be so fun to play with for so long.

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