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Posted by drew10 on Nov 23, 2011
The Next-Gen Is Less Than A Year Away.

The Next-Gen Is Less Than A Year Away.

As always the internet is rife with rumours about the next Xbox or Playstation. With Nintendo having already confirmed its next console the WiiU will release next year blogs and websites are full of speculation about Microsoft and Sony’s next machines.

Earlier this week Edge Online claimed to have inside stories on Microsoft’s new machines already having shipped to developers, albeit in a core PC format. So what can we expect from the new machines? Well already Crytek are speculating (begging?) for at least 8GB system ram. Some rumours are suggesting that the system will be a SoC (System on Chip) configuration, basically combining graphics and system Ram onto one chip. Although this could prove to be highly problematic in terms of chip manufacture, but Microsoft have had six years to work on this chip so it is not without some merit. It is also this configuration that currently sits in the 360s.

So will we see it next year? Well never-say-never but the timing of Halo 4 would seem to be an issue if Microsoft were to release a new machine shortly afterwards. Although Halo 4 could prove to be the 360’s swan song! We at G4A would suggest that the next-gen ‘Box wont surface till late 2012 with perhaps a few more rumours to be unveiled at E3. Some people think that Microsoft will unveil the machine as early as January at CES but don’t hold your breath on this one.

So what of Sony? Well it has been claimed that their core machines for PS4 are already at their major in-house developers with suggestions that the company are asking for feedback and suggestions from the devs themselves. We seriously hope this is the case, it would be master-stroke from Sony to find out exactly what the devs feel during the development and implement tools to make their lives easier. Let’s hope this is one rumour that is true. We also would suggest that Sony put the very first one of their new machines in the hands of Naughty Dog to get Uncharted 4 sorted as a PS4 launch title.

What cannot be denied is that Nintendo dropped a bomb when they announced the WiiU at E3 2011. Not only is it far advanced (supposedly) of either PS3 or 360 but the revolutionary controller really stole the show. Plus it now seem’s that the big N’ is busy reviving the machine design so it allows two of the controllers to be connected to the machine at once. Also the backwards compatibility with the Wii-motes and the Wii balance board mean interactivity is already available, and save Wii owners a ton of cash. So whatever Sony or Microsoft do next year Nintendo have already guaranteed that 2012 is the first year of the next-gen.

Of course as soon as we hear anything more so will you.

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