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Posted by drew10 on Jan 27, 2012
Get Up And Dance – O Games – PS3

Get Up And Dance – O Games – PS3

It seems I can’t turn around these days without one of my two left feet tripping over a dancing game. Love ’em or hate ’em they are everywhere and they are growing like some crazed blob-mass-type-thing. Perhaps not, but in a flooded market a game really needs something special to stand out from the crowd.

Next to step onto the dance floor is O Games’ Get up and Dance (not to be confused with ’90’s hardcore label Shut Up and Dance) and we have been strutting our stuff to see how it fares.

The first thing that grabs your attention in Get up and Dance is the choice of music. This is an eclectic mix of old and new and differing styles. Personal tastes not withstanding there is probably something here for everyone, from Barenaked Ladies to Billy Ray Cyrus and Rizzle Kicks to Elton John and everything in between. Whilst the eclectic music means a choice for almost everyone it limits the choice if you have a certain style of music you are interested in. Still there is a large roster (over thirty) of songs so there must be something you like, if not well, tough. The plus side is that the dance routines change significantly depending on the style of music played.

The game features four game modes, Get Up and Dance, Get Up and Party, Get up and Dance Group and Shape Up. Get Up and Dance mode is just the standard dancing game for up to four players.Get Up and Party mode has lots of mini-game style challenges that you will need to compete with friends either in solo or in teams to win.

Get up and Dance Group puts you in dance competitions where you are judged on your performance.This is highlighted by a bar that moves to the right if you are doing well and to the left if you are not. It is also linked to sounds of a crowd, do well and they cheer and clap. Do badly and they boo and laugh. If the bar gets to all the way to the left its game over.

Shape Up, is a fitness mode that tracks how many calories you have burned during the exercise. You can even set your own fitness goals in these section.

So the game modes offer a few innovations but as with any dancer all that matters is how it performs on the floor. Well, Get up and Dance is a real mixed bag. The dance screen is set to a background of the actual video to the track you are dancing to. This in itself is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that it draws eyes from watchers to the screen rather than my gyrating blubber but it also adds to the confusion that is the game screen. Scrolling down the left side of the screen are static stick-like characters that are supposed to show you what dance move is going to be coming next. Not only do these characters not really help in terms of knowing what the next move will be it is impossible to follow both this and the actual dancer in the middle of the screen. And oh my God who decided on the look of the dancers? Looking like something out of Ronald McDonald’s acid trip these odd figures lead you through some of the most complex and difficult dance routines of any dance game out there.Yes the choreography is excellent but seriously getting to know the steps is not only a trial of your dancing prowess but also your memory. The steps are not repeated for long before changing, meaning the moment you have worked out a step it moves to the next one. It will take you a long time to master these dance moves but you will look pretty awesome when you do. You can rehearse different routines where the game breaks sections of the songs down for you to practice but it would have been nice if you were able to slow the moves down to really get to grips with them.

The Shape Up mode changes this up slightly adding a much more aerobic exercise feel to proceedings. This means that moves are easier to learn and repeated on a much more frequent basis. And it really does work in terms of burning calories, I had to drink five beers just to get back to my perfect weight!

That leads nicely onto the controls. Playstation Move allows for some very tight controls in Get up and Dance but the very nature of the way it works means that cheating is also very easy. For example you barely have to move your feet if you don’t want to. Instead you can just follow the arm movements to still get great scores.

Overall this game will slot into an already crowded genre. It offers a few interesting ideas that stand it apart from the crowd but whether they are enough to prise fans away from more recognised brands remains to be seen.

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